PlacidWay Plans Medical Tourism Digital Strategies Workshop in Bucharest, Romania

by PlacidWay ,  | 2019-08-30

Digital Strategies in Medical Tourism

PlacidWay Plans Medical Tourism Digital Strategies Workshop in Bucharest, Romania

EVOLVE! Pragmatic Medical Tourism Workshop will be held on October4-5, 2019 in Bucharest, Romania. The event will highlight how digital strategies can transform health business and how will it affect the future of medical tourism.

Denver, Colorado August 30, 2019: Medical Tourism industry leader PlacidWay is all set to host a workshop in Bucharest, Romania primarily focusing on digital strategies and its effect on the future of medical tourism. EVOLVE! Pragmatic Medical Tourism Workshop is scheduled on October 4-5, 2019 highlighting the most important aspects on how the healthcare providers can transform their business in the digital age.

As patients are now demanding retail-like experience in healthcare where they can access easy engagement through digital tools, the providers must simplify all aspects of healthcare services by using technologies that will make the patient experience more efficient.

The workshop will be conducted by Mr. Pramod Goel, CEO & Founder of PlacidWay, with over 12 years of medical tourism industry experience in coaching and managing one of the world's leading marketplace. He states that digital healthcare is evolving in medical tourism and the providers must make the best use of it to sustain long-term viability in this competitive industry.

Digital Strategies in Medical Tourism

He adds, “We have arranged this workshop to help the healthcare providers create winning strategy through innovations in the technology-driven era. Digital health is the future of globalized healthcare and changing consumer behavior. Through the workshop, we aim to define how you can make the best use of this trend for marketing and education, which will help you find your next generation of customers. Moreover, you will learn how to use the most innovative tools like online chat, video, sms, WhatsApp, etc. for direct provider-patient communication which will surely delight your customers.”

The workshop will also cover several important topics in the next generation of globalized healthcare and how digitization can improve customer coordination. This will help the providers to coordinate customer journey from lead to appointment and incorporate success factors integrating people, processes and systems.

Carmen Moroianu, Manager of InterMedLine, a Medical Tourism facilitator in Bucharest will be representing the workshop in Romania. She believes the 2-day knowledge-intensive workshop will be filled with practical solutions. She says, “Digital healthcare can increase transparency, reduce costs, establish brand, educate customers and build a long-term trusted relationship. With this workshop, we want to present real value proposition from digital marketing and customer relationship management.”

Medical tourism is still growing in Romania and it is the best time to evolve using smart digital strategies. PlacidWay believes that their workshop presented by the internationally renowned presenter Mr. Goel will inspire and boost the participants with the right strategies to survive and excel long term in the health tourism sector.

About PlacidWay

PlacidWay is a U.S.-based global medical tourism marketplace with 1000s of renowned medical and wellness centers from over 40 countries and over 250 cities worldwide. PlacidWay’s global presence includes patient access from all continents including the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, CIS, Africa, and Asia. 

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