Medical Tourism Association Partners with Los Angeles Association of Health Underwriters

PR-US.Net | 2009-02-17

The Medical Tourism Association (MTA) and Los Angeles Association of Health Underwriters (LAAHU) partnered in the area of Medical Tourism to present Medical Tourism as a viable solution to the healthcare crisis in California and the US, during the LAAHU annual conference which takes place May 19-20 at the Pasadena Convention Center.

LAAHU is one of the largest chapters of the National Association of Health Underwriters (NAHU) in the United States. It is made up of both US healthcare organizations and professional agents who represent them that are involved in US healthcare insurance. The LAAHU conference expects approximately 800 attendees. The LAAHU conference is one of the largest attended US health insurance conferences.

"Medical Tourism has become a very attractive option especially due to the financial and budgetary crisis the California government is having. We have decided to make this a priority for this year's annual LAAHU conference because of the strong interest in medical tourism from our members. The savings of medical tourism is something that cannot be ignored", said Ross Pendergraft, President-Elect of the Los Angeles Association of Health Underwriters and organizer of the LAAHU annual conference.

The Medical Tourism Association will be a major sponsor of the LAAHU Conference and will be exhibiting at the conference promoting medical tourism and Medical Tourism Association members. Jonathan Edelheit, President of the Medical Tourism Association, will be the featured speaker on Medical Tourism and will be coordinating other medical tourism speakers and a medical tourism workshop for attendees to the LAAHU healthcare conference.

"The Medical Tourism Association is very excited to be a part of this large event and to educate LAAHU members and attendees on the high quality of healthcare available around the world, and which countries and hospitals offer the best solutions. Medical Tourism is quickly becoming a standard adopted benefit in US health plans", said Jonathan Edelheit, President of the Medical Tourism Association.

"Los Angeles is one of the major centers of healthcare buyers in the country, and LAAHU is the largest chapter in the country of Health Insurance specialists.

Medical Tourism Association is the international non-profit trade association for the medical tourism industry, made up of the top hospitals, doctors, governments, insurance companies, health insurance agents and medical tourism facilitators in the industry. The Medical Tourism Association puts on the largest annual convention and exposition of Medical Tourism in Los Angeles each year, October 26-28th, 2009 with up to 2,000 attendees, almost 200 speakers and over 100 exhibitors.

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