World medical tourism confab at Sofitel

by DEEDEE M. SIYTANGCO , | 2009-03-21

Tourism is a sunrise industry for the Philippines in these economically troubled times, and everyone are stakeholders.

How many times have we heard this from tourism leaders? Often enough, I am afraid, but now we hear this from the private sector travel agency folks and they are 'walking their talk!'

National Association of Independent Travel Agencies (NITAS) Chairman Emeritus Bobby Lim Joseph and chair Angel Bagnot had good news to share last Tuesday at our forum at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza about their industry.

Listen to this: from March 26 to 28, Sofitel will house hundreds of local and foreign delegates to the 4th World Health Tourism Conference, a gathering presented by the Department of Tourism and our very own Cebu, in cooperation with the governments of Malaysia, Singapore, Cyprus, and the United Arab Emirates.

With l,056 micro agency members,  NITAS is definitely a 'partner association' of the Philippines.

The conference will have "buyers" (representatives of giant companies and insurance firms) that will be sizing up and  signing with several hospitals where they will be sending their medical clients.

The list of buyers include Saudi Aramco, Costa Esperanza (a Russian medical assistance company) Japan's Medical Assistance firm, PR Surgery Ld. from the UK, Surgery Planners from the United States and others.

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