Medical Tourism and Diagnostic Procedures Abroad

Shelter Off Shore | 2009-03-20

A diagnostic test is a test or procedure used to identify a person's disease or condition which allows a medical diagnosis to be made, such as an MRI scan, CT scan, colonoscopy or gastroscopy.

Maximum waiting times in the UK for many diagnostic procedures have been reducing from the maximum of 26 weeks in 2006, but when your health is in question any wait is too long.  But what options do you have if you don’t want to wait and you can't afford to go private?

You could always join the 75,000 other Brits fed up with waiting lists, antibiotic resistant infections and cash strapped hospitals who are having cosmetic surgery, elective surgery, fertility treatment and diagnostic procedures abroad.

Countries such as Norway and Germany have excellent diagnostic imaging facilities, cost much less than private UK healthcare and can be reached by budget airlines.  These nations are also targeting overcharged Brits who are thinking of having diagnostic procedures carried out overseas.

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