Thailand, Sri Lanka and India rising on the charts for German health and wellness tourists

by Vicky Karantzavelou ,  Travel Daily News | 2009-03-01

Thailand, India and Sri Lanka are rapidly gaining popularity as non-European destinations for Germans pursuing health and wellness treatments, according to a survey by the Munich-based Institute for Leisure Economics. The survey results were discussed at the ITB 2009 Experts' Forum on wellness. The topic was "Latest Developments of Wellness & Spa in Europe with Focus on the German market."

The German Health and Spa tourism is one of the most booming market segments within the whole tourism sector. According to the survey, the number of prospective German customers for health, spa and beauty treatments is projected to increase from 10.2 million in 2007 to 18.6 million in 2020. Numerous demographic, social and economic factors expected to drive demand for health and spa services and products include: Availability of a wider range of products; Increased life expectancy; Low birth rate; Increasing mobility; Increasing levels of education; Increasing occupational demands; Reduced benefits of health insurance; Better, more accessible sources of information, and motivational lifestyle choices.

The survey says that most health, spa and beauty customers are within the 30-59 age groups of 30 to 59 years; the share of self-employed and freelancer is disproportionately high; and the majority lives in households of 2 persons. Though the number of women customers so far has been considerably higher, the number of men is increasing steadily. For instance, the share of men with 49% has nearly equalled with that of women with 51% for both Medical Spa and Anti-Aging treatments.

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