Booming Medical Tourism

Express News Service | 2009-04-06

KOCHI: Cochlear Implantation, a boon for persons with hearing loss, is the latest treatment that brings patients from abroad to city hospitals. Giving a boost to the already flourishing medical tourism sector, specialist ENT treatment is much in demand among overseas patients.

The latest to arrive in Kochi for ENT treatment is 15 year-old Umar Ul Farukh from Nigeria who underwent the cochlear implant surgery at Dr Noushad's ENT Hospital the other day.

Umar lost his hearing at the age of 11 as a result of cerebral malaria.

The search for a medical solution took him and his family across the globe. They visited hospitals in Paris, London, Malaysia and Singapore to restore his hearing. It was Dr Ibrahim, Umar's uncle and a professor in the University of Leicester in London, who searched for a hospital in Kerala and found Dr Noushad's ENT Hospital.

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