Medical Tour for another Korea's Wave

News Can | 2009-04-05

'Considering that Medical Tourism is one of the fastest growing healthcare industries, We have paid attention to it since the beginning of the New Millennium'

'Because the world is in a healthcare crisis and patients are starting to travel overseas in search of the best quality and the most affordable medical care' said M.D.,ph.D Shin Young-Hoon, the President of Korea Medical Tourism Association/KMTA.

He continued, 'Medical tour in Korea has a great possibility because of medical docter's competitiveness and high medical technology. But what more important for us is to propel this program efficiently and systematically, combining with government and congress, side by side, to create another Korea's Wave'

It's true that, aside from he's in charge of President of KMTA, he's been well-known among Chinese and Japanese clients, being regarded as an almighty plastic surgeon who has hands of the Venus.

That's why his hospital, 'Shin Sa Hyun Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery Center' has lots of clients from China and Japan.

According to him, the forum on medical tourism would be held at Congress on May 22.

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