First Ever Medical Tourism Patent on its Way

Live-PR | 2009-04-15

United States Patent & Trademark Office grants priority date to a novel first-in-its-class technology that enables integration of medical tourism with health insurance.

"We did not invent medical tourism. We did not invent health insurance. But we did invent Offsurance - The technology that solemnizes the marriage of the two healthcare giants" With the grant of April 14, 2009 as the priority date by the United States Patent Office (USPTO), Offsurance (Application No. 61169131) becomes the first and the only patent pending technology that integrates medical tourism with the mainstream health insurance industry.

Born out of the humongously high cost of healthcare in the United States, medical tourism has seen a phenomenal growth in the recent years, projected by experts to become a $100 billion industry by 2010. It is estimated that 17 million Americans will travel overseas for treatment by 2017. However, at the present time such overseas treatments are available only to the patients who are willing to travel, take risks and pay for the costs. On account of the unprecedented complexities involved in underwriting claims that are serviced by a non-affiliate foreign caregiver, medical tourism has remained outside the reach of America’s Trillion Dollar health insurance industry.

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