Post Weight Loss Plastic Surgery

by Cathy Enns ,  empowher | 2009-04-30

Post weight loss plastic surgery, also called bariatric plastic surgery, is a growing specialty within the field of plastic surgery. I use the word “specialty” deliberately, as it truly takes a special plastic surgeon to put beautiful finishing touches on a newly slim body safely.

Weight loss patients should look for a plastic surgeon who—with their skills, experience and commitment to the specialty—can demonstrate that they’re ready for the challenge of resculpting the body. Here's why.

There's a range of surgical options. Every body is different; that goes without saying. But it's especially apparent in weight loss patients. Some people's skin bounces back to some extent; others describe their unclothed look as "melted wax." And skin often sags unevenly from one side of the body to the other.

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