Top 5 Medical Tourism Destinations

by Melana Yanos ,  NuWire Investor | 2008-03-31

Medical tourism can mean attractive opportunities for foreign patients and investors

In our previous article, Medical Tourism: Seeking Affordable Healthcare Overseas, NuWire investigated the modern concept of medical tourism—traveling to foreign countries for lower cost of care. Medical tourism destinations have emerged all over the globe, from Thailand to South Africa, and even European countries such as Hungary. The industry anticipates a great deal of growth in the coming years, from a 2004 estimate of $40 billion to $100 billion by 2012, according to statistics produced by McKinsey & Company and the Confederation of India.

Experts believe that medical tourism will have a positive impact on the economies of destination countries and benefit skilled and unskilled trades alike. The medical tourism phenomenon may also bode well for foreign investors who hold an interest in those countries.

Below, NuWire has selected its Top 5 Medical Tourism Destinations which present the most attractive opportunities for medical tourists and foreign investors alike. These markets were selected based on quality and affordability of care as well as receptiveness to foreign investment. It should also be noted that medical staffs in the following countries are largely English-speaking, and thus language barriers do not pose a major obstacle for foreign patients.

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