Malaysia’s Bid To Be Medical Tourism Hub

by Natalie Cooper , | 2009-08-07

Malaysia has launched a campaign aimed at tourists seeking medical healthcare abroad.

Dr Pawel Suwinski, Frost & Sullivan, senior consultant for healthcare said: “The recent promotion of medical tourism in Malaysia is excellent,” he said, referring to promotional initiatives by the Government and the Association of Private Hospitals of Malaysia.

“Health tourism is one of the brightest points in the growth of the healthcare sector in Malaysia,” Suwinski said at a conference on the future of the Malaysian healthcare this week.

Dr Suwinski’s claims are also backed by recent statistics which show a growing rate of foreign tourists to Malaysia seeking medical care, which has grown by over 25% in the past decade.

In addition to the increase in patients, revenue per patient has also increased, from US$92 in 1998 to $241 in 2008.  Most foreign patients come from neighbouring countries with less developed medical infrastructure such as Indonesia, there is a growing market in developed countries.

Relative political stability and cost have been in Malaysia’s favor and given the country a boost in the feel of tourism, said Simranjit Singh, a director of healthcare for Frost and Sullivan.

“There is no denying that Malaysia has an edge over Singapore and even Thailand in this respect.”

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