Medical Tourism On Rise in India

India Journal | 2009-09-17

KOLKATA - Finding it cheaper to be medically treated in India, foreigners have increased their footfalls in the country.

"A large number of foreign tourists come to India for treatment because costs here are less in comparison to the West," Sanjeev Dev Chowdhury, an official of Regional Tourist office in Kolkata said.

Foreign exchange earning from medical tourists is expected to double by 2012, he added.

"It costs 80 per cent less for an operation here in comparison to the United States," Kushagra Katariya, Chief Executive Officer of Artemis Health Institute, Gurgaon said.

A heart surgery will cost around $50,000 in the US, while in India it can be done for only $10,000, including operation cost, accommodation and post operative stay with a companion.

"People from all over the world especially the US, Middle East, Africa, Bangladesh come to India in hordes for good medical treatment at cheap cost," Katariya said.

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