Laparoscopic Liver surgery in India with memorable medical tourism

PR-inside | 2009-10-13

India has become a hub for medical tourists from all around Asia and the rest of the world. Indian hospitals in Bangalore, Hyderabad have some of the best and well qualified surgeons for Laparoscopic Liver surgery. Liver surgery comprises various operation of the liver for different disorders. The most common operation performed on liver resection (removal of a portion of the liver). The most typical indication for liver resection is a malignant tumor. Tumors can be primary (developed in the liver). The majority of liver metastases comes from the colon. The single tumor or more then one tumor confined to either left or right side of the liver can be successfully restected with 5-year survival as high as 60%.

Liver resection patients are carefully evaluated by a multidisciplinary team to ensure the absence of the extrahepatic (outside the liver) tumor. Liver resections performed on patients with extrahepatic disease may relieve the symptoms caused by the tumor, but offer little improvement in survival.

Risk factors of Laparoscopic Liver Cancer includes:

  • Gender: Men are more likely then women.
  • Liver disease: This include hepatitis B and C infection.
  • Cirrhosis: it’s a disease caused by alcohol and hepatitis B and C.
  • Tobacco: The risk may be even greater for those who also consume alcohol.
  • Anabolic steroids: this is especially true after long-term use.
  • Birth control pills: The risk is small, and there are only studies showing a risk with pills no longer in use.

The three main treatments are Surgery (either by removing the tumor or transplantation), radiation, and chemotherapy. Combining tow or more methods is more effective. If the cancer cannot be cured (which can only be done through surgery), the goal may be to remove or destroy as much of the cancer as possible to prevent the tumor from growing, spreading, or coming back for as long as possible. Complete removal of most liver cancers is not possible, as the cancer is often large, found in many different parts of the liver, or has spread beyond the liver. Cirrhosis also can eliminate surgery as an option.

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