Opportunities in Medical Tourism in India

PR Minds | 2009-10-21

Key Findings

  • With global revenues of approximately US$ 20 Billion (2005), the medical tourism industry is one of the world’s largest industry. India’s cost effective treatment makes it an important player in this industry.
  • Growing Medical tourism in India will be one of the major sources for foreign exchange.
  • With increasing number of non-insured population in western countries and increasing healthcare expenditure to GDP resulting in people opting for treatment choices outside their country.

Key Issues and Facts Analyzed

  • What are the emerging trends in the Medical Tourism Industry in India?
  • Key regulations and policy environment in the industry.
  • What is the future scenario of the Medical Tourism Industry in India?
  • What opportunities exist for the Medical Tourism Industry?
  • What Challenges are faced by the industry?
  • Who are the Key players in Indian medical tourism industry?
  • Government initiatives to promote medical tourism in India.