Dental Tourism Now Covered by US Dental Insurance Plans!

by Jim Du Molin ,  The Wealthy Dentist | 2009-11-10

If there's a way to save money, you can bet the insurance companies will be interested...

Dental tourism has become increasingly popular lately, especially with consumers feeling the pinch of the recession. Mexican clinics target US patients. Eastern European practices treat British nationals. It's big business these days, with Latin America, Eastern Europe and Asia offering low-cost dental care to international patients.

We talked recently about how a British company is offering limited dental vacation insurance to protect patients from medical mishaps while they're out of the country. Well, an American insurance company has now upped the ante!

Based in South Carolina, Companion Life Insurance Co. offers standard insurance products – and now, a little something more for dental patients.

They are adding an "international treatment option" to every one of their US dental plans.

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