Jordan pushes medical tourism industry

AME | 2009-12-20

After establishing itself as a popular destination for medical care among Arabs in the Middle East, Jordan is now looking to attract more patients from outside the region in a bid to tap the growing market for medical tourism worldwide. With revenues topping $1bn annually, medical tourism is now considered one of the main contributors to the kingdom's economy. A study conducted by Jordan's Private Hospitals Association (PHA) found that 210,100 patients from 48 countries received treatment in the kingdom in 2008, compared to 190,000 in 2007.

Jordan has been at the forefront of the medical industry in the Middle East since the 1970s, and is the region's top medical tourism destination as rated by the World Bank, and fifth in the world overall.

All told there are currently 60 private health institutions in the kingdom, four of which have been accredited by US-based Joint Commission International, which is considered the gold standard for international accreditation in the healthcare industry.

Adding to the kingdom's reputation is the fact that most of its doctors are English-speaking and many have been trained or are affiliated with top US hospitals such as the Mayo Clinic and Johns Hopkins.

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