Global Spas and Medical Tourism

by Susie Ellis ,  Medical Tourism Magzine | 2009-12-21

While each category is unique, these vast, growing global markets are increasingly intersecting and interweaving in creative and potentially synergistic ways. And while both the modern spa and medical tourism industries are in early phases of development, each sector’s growth is being galvanized not only by the rapid globalization of all economies, but also consumers’ quickening desire for diverse, meaningful health and wellness alternatives.

Because these industries have much to learn from each other, and because it’s a critical time to jumpstart a dialogue between stakeholders to help shape a mutually beneficial future, in the first installment of my two-part discussion I will present some background on each sector and in the second part suggest ways the industries could work together. What quickly becomes clear is that not only are both industries of strikingly similar size and scope, they share unusually parallel paths, and confront analogous key issues.

…Are ancient, and yet, distinctly young industries

…Share terminology and conceptual challenges

…Have a critical need for supporting, credible research

…Share a need for expert facilitators and agents to guide consumers and grow industry

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