South Africa ~ The Rising Star on Medical Tourism Horizon

by Dr. Prem Jagyasi ,  Medical Tourism Magzine | 2009-12-18

South Africa has traditionally been featured as a preferred destination for the medical traveler particularly in the field of emergency treatment as well as elective procedures such as cosmetic and dental.

Coupled with impeccable and internationally recognised expertise, the astounding tourist destinations offer a balmy and invigorating environment for easy and undisturbed recuperation; of course the modern and well equipped clinics complete the satisfying experience. The favourable exchange rates are another attraction for a European or an American health traveler.

Dr. Molefi Sefularo says, “It may be mentioned that South Africa has the distinction of being considered a veritable leader in the medical field ever since the first human heart transplant was performed in Cape Town in 1967”.

According to Adv. Cawe Mahlati, there is a high level of empathy or UBUNTU as it is called in South Africa. The medical staffs blends its undeniable expertise with a huge dollop of humanness which accelerates patient healing beyond compare. Besides, the fluency in English and their qualifications which equal the best in the world are undeniably the backbone of this entire momentum, she enthused.

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