Blade-less 'knife' will revolutionize brain surgery, cancer treatment: surgeon

by Shelley Page, Ottawa Citizen , | 2009-12-20

OTTAWA — Dr. John Sinclair has spent four years pitching the promise of a $4-million knife that doesn’t even have a blade.

The neurosurgeon has told anyone who will listen, including colleagues at the Ottawa Hospital, government officials and potential funders, that a technology called CyberKnife will revolutionize brain surgery and treatment of many cancers.

Sinclair describes the CyberKnife as a cross between a robot’s arm and the sensor wand that Star Trek’s Dr. “Bones” McCoy used to pass over his mates on the Starship Enterprise to cure all sorts of ailments.

But mostly, Sinclair talks about how the CyberKnife will improve the lives of many patients.

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