Cosmetic Surgery Trends in India in 2010

DesPardes | 2009-12-27

It is true that people of all ages, young and old, desire to look nice with attractive features and want to be appreciated by others. In our era of perfection, cosmetic surgery has altered people’s outlook towards life in general. As a result more and more women and men are choosing cosmetic surgery, making it more popular and acceptable with every passing year. This growth spurt in Cosmetic surgery in year 2010 will be triggered by increasing consumer awareness, direct marketing and advertising campaigns, and technological advances in surgical and non-surgical procedures.

1. Cosmetic surgery will become more acceptable socially in 2010. The issue of societal norms about the alteration of physical appearance with Cosmetic Surgery will shift the direction in coming year. More and more Indians, who can afford, would like to have looks medically altered for better. The increasingly widespread use and acceptability of orthodontics work to improve the appearance of teeth is an example of how use of various medical techniques to alter our appearance is becoming an accepted norm in our society.

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