University Medical Center Hamburg uses high-performance MRI for MS-research.

by University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf ,  | 2010-12-02

Hamburg – The UKE Institute for Neuro-immunology and Clinical Multiple Sclerosis Research (INIMS) focuses on new treatment approaches on multiple sclerosis (MS). UKE wants to push the development of MS-medication with the new MRI. The research is one focus or a group of reseachers by the name of NEU2.

"The new high-performance MRI is an important fragment for the UKE in order to establish itself as research and treatment center for MS," says Jörg Debatin, UKE director of the board. It allows for important insights into the effectiveness of new drugs that are being clinically tested within the framework of the research projects.

"The work of Neu2 will give important impetuses for a fast and effective development of new and low-priced MS-medication," Debatin believes. He pointed out that the new device connected molecular and clinical sciences and therefore brought together researchers of different disciplines.

INIMS, founded in 2006, is a cooperation project of the Hertie-foundation, the UKE and the Center for Molecular Neurobiology Hamburg.

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