More people than ever are turning to cosmetic surgery

Now magazine | 2011-01-20

Despite the recession, more people than ever are turning to cosmetic surgery to improve their looks and self-confidence. According to the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS), over 36,000 Brits had some form of work done on their bodies in 2009, a six per cent increase on the year before.

And while women still make up the vast majority of customers, men are also increasingly looking at going under the knife to improve their appearance. Surgery is not cheap, however, and research from Sainsbury's Finance shows more people are looking to personal loans to fund the costs of self-improvement. 

Remember, though, that prices can vary wildly - it's not so much the cost of the surgery itself that changes the price, but the expenses associated with it - hospital stays and aftercare prices vary depending on where in the country you have the surgery.

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