7 Critical Orthopedic and Spine Device Industry Trends

by Laura Miller ,  Beckers Orthopedic and Spine | 2011-02-10

The orthopedic and spine device market is a constantly changing dynamic field and companies at need to stay at the cutting-edge of surgical technique and development to market the most successful products. Expert analysts from Millennium Research Group discuss the current trends in total joint replacement and spine surgery devices.

1. Minimally invasive procedures. Even though there can be a steep learning curve for training in minimally invasive orthopedic and spine procedures, more and more surgeons are becoming proficient in those types of techniques. "Minimally invasive surgery is something that has been discussed and is growing due to its advantages, such as less blood loss, shorter hospital stays, and quicker recovery times," says Deanna Vankessel, Senior Analyst with Millennium Research Group. Device companies are beginning to bring an increasing number of minimally invasive devices to the market, such as SI-BONE's iFuse minimally invasive surgical device to treat sacroiliac joint pain.

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