India fast becoming international destination for Kidney Transplants

by Nandita Vijay , | 2011-02-11

India is a hub for affordable kidney transplants and has the best skills to carry out the procedures. The country is now recognized as a destination for kidney transplants by the international patients, stated Dr Mohan Keshavamurthy, urologist and transplant surgeon at Fortis Hospitals, Bangalore.

While India is recognized for cardiac surgical expertise and has scores of patients flocking to undertake procedures, kidney transplants have gained considerable momentum in the last few years in the medical tourism segment. Unlike cardiac surgery, which requires both advanced medical equipment and expertise, kidney transplants do not entail sophisticated technology but requires high surgical skills and team work. This is where Indian urologists and nephrologists have scored over others. Educated and trained abroad, they have built sound knowledge, persuaded in honing skills incorporating in their practice the latest advances from across the globe which has held in good stead, stated Dr Keshavamurthy.

Globally, hospitals are facing an acute shortage of transplant surgeons making Indian hospitals and its team of experts in demand. Almost 50 percent of the world’s best transplant teams constitute Indian surgeons making the country much-sought after by foreign patients for joint replacement and transplant, he said.

Beyond surgical expertise, the success of kidney transplant procedures today is attributed to the availability of latest immunosuppresants which are better drugs that can control and save a kidney. Over the years, novel surgical techniques, donor selection and postoperative care have also all contributed to improved outcomes for organ transplants, pointed out Dr Keshavamurthy.

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