Medical Tourism in Costa Rica – Cosmetic Surgery

by Jane Davis ,  TheCostaRicaNews | 2011-02-24

Costa Rica has more to it than just beautiful scenery. It has a thriving medical economy and one that is considerably more affordable than popular destinations such as the USA and Europe. The World Health Report of 2000 actually ranked Costa Rica higher than the USA for its health systems. Costa Rica stood as 25th highest rated place while the USA was at the 72nd highest place. Cosmetic surgery is a popular demand these days and many are out to find a plastic surgeon. You will find several if you browse through the plastic surgery directory of Costa Rica. Online access is easy to gain through this form of research.

Plastic surgery is at its peak in Costa Rica right now and the plastic surgeons here use state of the art technology in their work. In fact, they have even begun offering courses for qualified international physicians from countries like the USA, Canada, as well as Australia and Argentina. There are several procedures that are offered in Costa Rica and you are bound to find a good doctor through the plastic surgeon directory. Some of the procedures offered are the tummy tuck also known as the dermato lipectomy. This is considered a secondary treatment to liposuction. The main idea is to reduce flab around the stomach as well as tighten the muscles in the region. A tummy tuck in Costa Rica with a week’s recuperative stay will cost you around $4500.

Breast enhancement is a popular demand and is a procedure that is done several times in Costa Rica hospitals. Breast augmentation surgery with a week’s recuperative stay will cost you around $3800. As you age, your face may begin to sag, develop wrinkles as well as folds. Facelifts are what people turn to maintain a youthful look. One can have this procedure done easily by doctors in Costa Rica. Facelifts with little less than a 10-day postoperative stay can cost you around $6000.

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