Patients Talk About Whether New Cosmetic Procedure Worth the Money

by Alicia Booth ,  NewsNet5 | 2011-03-01

BEACHWOOD, Ohio - Three women from Northeast Ohio put a new cosmetic technology to the test and all three of them now recommend it.

They were drawn to Ultherapy because it offered them a chance to look younger without surgery. Plastic surgeon, Dr. Steve Goldman is the first doctor in Northeast Ohio to have it and have his staff trained on it.

He wanted to make sure it does what its makers claim it does. He has a special deal with the company that if he isn’t happy with the results in his patients, he can return the equipment.

“Until I use it on my patients in my office, I don’t really know how well it works,” he said.

That’s why he identified three patients to be among the first to try the procedure. He felt they would give an honest opinion about it.

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