Rhinoplasty Noses Way into City's Psyche

by Minati Singha,TNN ,  Times Of India | 2011-03-17

BHUBANESWAR: The ethos of a lookist' society have seeped so deep into the state capital that people residing here are now ready to go under the scalpel to get that perfect nose.

In the metros and other big cities, rhinoplasty or  cosmetic surgery to reshape the nose is in demand, and we often hear of celeb or Page 3 regulars going in for nose jobs. However, here it is common people who are opting for the surgery to get the nose of their dreams. Plastic surgeons in the city said rhinoplasty is the most sought-after cosmetic treatment followed by liposuction and breast augmentation here.

A 25-year-old woman, who runs a poultry shop in the city, underwent the procedure before her wedding because she was not happy with the shape of her nose. Another unlikely candidate for the surgery was a 58-year-old joint secretary of the Orissa government, who readily went under the scalpel as well.

Though there are no official records of the number of rhinoplasty surgeries taking place in the city, but if we go by plastic surgeons' word, as many as 30 to 40 nose jobs are being done every month. "People have become aware about the latest technology and facilities available to look good. More men and women belonging to both the upper and middle classes are opting for cosmetic surgeries to look attractive," said city-based cosmetic surgeon A K Rout.

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