Face-lifts, Men Get More Plastic Surgeries, but Women Still Get the Most

by Eryn Brown ,  Los Angeles Times | 2011-03-21

Vanity, thy name is: dude?  Sort of, new statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons show. 

Men are getting more plastic surgery, the organization trumpeted in a news release.

But women still receive 91% of cosmetic procedures.

First, the guys:  Plastic surgery is up. The total number of surgeries performed on men increased 2% from 2009 to 2010, to 1.1 million.  The fastest-growing procedure?  Face-lifts, which went up 14% to 10,903 performed. 

Men also got 10% more filler treatments (78,472), 9% more Botox treatments (336,834), 7% more liposuctions (23,899) and 4% more eyelid surgeries (31,476). The number of nose jobs -- the most popular procedure for men -- decreased, falling 4% to 63,585 in 2010.

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