Sun, sightseeing and plastic surgery

by Jack Izzard ,  BBC | 2007-08-06

It might not trip off the tongue like some holiday slogans. But more tourists than ever are being tempted by holidays offering sun, sightseeing and surgery.

It's called healthcare tourism - going abroad for private treatment.

Dentists in eastern Europe were the first to attract British patients for teeth whitening and other cosmetic work. But now plastic surgeons are following suit - offering bargain breast implants and other procedures.

The Kontur Clinic in Budapest has been in business for 15 years, although until now its clients have mostly been Hungarian.

'Huge' price difference

But in the last year more than 100 British people went under the knife in its pristine operating theatre.

Surgeon Dr Gyula Laszlo says most are attracted by the low prices.

Breast enlargement costs about £2,000 and a facelift £1,700 - a fraction of what it would in the UK. 

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