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FUE Hair Transplant Double Session in Istanbul Turkey

NO Scars FUT Hair Transplant

in Istanbul, Turkey

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Do you wish to look younger and recover your hair?

Get a natural hairline with FUT hair transplant invisible scar in Turkey!

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FUT is one of the most reliable hair transplant methods in use today. It is short for Follicular Unit Transplantation or strip method hair transplant, because it involves the transplant of a strip of hair as opposed to the individual hair follicles transplant (used in FUE method).

The approximate number of follicles required in one particular hair transplant surgery is determined by the hair transplant surgeon. In your case, Dr. A.E. Karadeniz will assess your scalp and discuss with you to determine the recipient area, the location and size of the donor area, the shape of the reconstructed hairline and the resulted hair density expected.

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Why FUT Hair Transplant in Turkey?

The FUT-Strip Method performed at the AEK Hair Institute will involve the removal of a small patch of skin with follicles, under local anesthesia. The follicles are then divided into small units under the microscope, so in the end each unit will contain between one and four follicles. These follicle units will be stored in normal saline substance, so they will remain active until they will be transplanted to the planned areas.

NO Scars hair transplant with the trichophytic incision and closure!

Orientation and quantity are most important when a hair transplant is performed, so Dr. A. E. Karadeniz will carefully consider the number of follicles in each transplanted unit and carefully harvest each hair strip using the trichophytic method.

Hair Transplant with FUT in Istanbul Turkey

Trichophytic closure involves making the initial incisions parallel to the hair follicles, and then, on one side of the resulting wound, make a second "trichophytic" incision in a very controlled fashion - trimming off a thin strip of epithelium and with it the tips of the hair follicles below. This trimming (right under the epithelium) is still very high on the hair root and it does not affect hair growth. After the harvesting, the edges are pulled together with the untrimmed side covering the trimmed hairs so the hairs will grow up through the scar, hiding it perfectly.

With the FUT hair transplant, the hair will start growing within 10-16 weeks after surgery.

The greatest advantage to the FUT or Strip hair transplant method is the speedy recovery and the post-operatory invisible scarring. 

Benefits of FUT in Turkey by AEK Hair Institute:

  • All grafts are extracted carefully by Dr. A. E. Karadeniz
  • Trichophytic closure technique with an invisible strip scar
  • Very high quality grafts prepared by trained team
  • Unshaven donor area
  • Very natural hairline design

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The Price of FUT Hair Transplant
in Turkey at AEK Hair Institute Istanbul

FUT Hair Transplant Cost in Istanbul Turkey

FUT Hair Transplant Package Includes:

  • Single session maximum grafts FUT procedure
  • Surgical team consisting of 1 plastic surgeon and 3 assistants
  • Trichophytic closure
  • Special anti-swelling treatment included
  • All medications included

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Benefit from top hair transplant with FUT in Turkey
AEK Hair Institute

Click below if you are ready for your new hair!

Hair Transplant with FUT in Turkey

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