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Non Surgical Weight Loss Program in Jelenia Gora Poland

Bankowa 5-758-500, Jelenia Gora, Poland, Jelenia Gora, Poland

Package Price : $1957

Treatment :Weight Loss Program

By : KCM Clinic

Location : Bankowa 5-758-500, Jelenia Gora, Poland Jelenia Gora, Poland

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Package Details

Non Surgical Weight Loss Program in Jelenia Gora, Poland

Non Surgical Weight Loss Program in Jelenia Gora, Poland


There are numerous people who struggle with extra weight. Dieting and exercising are tough to deal with and not everyone has the possibility and time to stick to a strict eating and exercise routine. Surgical procedures are a solution that scares many overweight individuals.

So which are the alternatives? The non surgical weight loss programs address those who want to avoid bariatric surgery, dieting, or exercising, but are still dreaming of an efficient way of losing the extra pounds healthy.


Non Surgical Weight Loss Overview

The non surgical weight loss treatment package offered in Jelenia Gora, Poland, has gained a lot of popularity in the last years. During 14 days, by following a set of non invasive, healthy and medically supervised procedures, overweight obese and overweight people get the chance to lose weight healthy, avoiding any kind of surgery, exhaustion, or starvation.

In addition to losing the extra weight, this program provides a relaxing environment and a bunch of beautifying procedures that benefit the patients’ skin, teeth and overall state of mind.


Benefits of the Non Surgical Weight Loss Program

  • Has effective and permanent results
  • No starving
  • Physician-supervised
  • No surgery needed
  • It’s an easy to follow program
  • Improves the patients’ look, mood and self confidence
  • Corrects bad eating habits
  • Helps reduce cellulite

Weight Loss Program in Poland

Cost, Inclusions and Exclusions

At KCM Clinic (Jelenia Gora, Poland), the non surgical weight loss program’s price starts at $1,957, lasts for 14 days and includes:

1. 26 slimming supportive treatments:

  • 4 x anti-cellulite massage with a Chinese bubble
  • 4 x underwater massage
  • 3 x lymphatic drainage (30 minutes)
  • 9 x aqua-aerobic
  • 3 x Startvac Sp2 vacuum massage
  • 3 x sessions in the infrared sauna
  • 1 x Herbal Body Scrub Body treatment, a combination of special herbs and precious oil that make the patients’ skin silky, smooth and delicate.
  • 1 x-cellulite treatment that reduces the appearance of "orange peel", drains, slims, regenerate tissue damaged by the accumulation of toxins.
  • 2 x-slimming treatments that improve the appearance of the figure, stimulates lipolysis processes and facilitates the elimination of fat cells.
  • 1 x treatment drainage that prevents water retention in the body, improves circulation, reduces swelling and cellulite feet of water.
  • 4 x calorie burning program - classes with an instructor
  • 5 x program flat stomach and strong back - classes with instructor
  • 1 x Soft Pack Beauty Creation - relaxing treatment with a body wrap
  • 1 x relaxing facial massage
  • 1 x consultation with a fitness instructor - optimal individualized exercise
  • 1 x consultation with a dietician and psychologist - optimal individualized exercise

2. Personal host at the clinic who is dedicated to the patients’ travel itinerary and medical travel program - complimentary

3. Full dental cleaning (scaling, sand blasting, polishing, fluoridation) - complimentary

4. 14 days in a single comfortable room with HD TV and WLAN, also included: Swimming pool and sauna, Outdoor Jacuzzi, Fitness Gym

5. Ground transfer from/to the Airport

The program’s price excludes:

  • Plane tickets
  • Patients’ personal expenses.


Why Choose Us?

  • Cutting-edge technology used
  • Highly-qualified and trained medical teams
  • Doctor’s commitment and care for the patients
  • Round the clock access to flawless health care


Achieve the body of your dreams without any surgeries! Know all about the non surgical weight loss program offered in Jelenia Gora, Poland! Contact us!

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