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Mexicali, Mexico

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Curiel Vision Center

Our goal is to have satisfied and happy medical tourists. We continually provide you safe and satisfying medical and health experience. All of our medical staff and physicians in our hospital network have the best quality, certification and experience. Curiel Vision Center pledges to give specialized and customized attention to our patients, being attended with cutting edge technology, by medical sub-specialists. Also have the certification of the more modern lenses Intraocular technology as the Restore lens of Alcon, in addition to the certifications of the ICL applied and Artisan lenses. SERVICES • General ophthalmological consultation. • Consultation of fellowship in cornea. • Consultation of fellowship in anterior segment. • Consultation of strabismus Fellowship. • Consultation of glaucoma Fellowship. • Consultation of Ophthalmopediatric Fellowship. • Consultation of Retina Fellowship. • Topographic corneal. & Read More
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