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Specialty: Addiction Treatment, Alternative Medicine, Chronic Diseases, Detox, Natural Therapies, Rehabilitation
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Dr. Vorobiev Russian Rehab Clinic Profile Overview


Welcome to Dr. Vorobiev's The Rehab Clinic


In 1992 psychiatrist and psychotherapist Dr. Nicholay Vorobiev began treating patients suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. Following all of the traditionally accepted methods of treatment he soon came to realize that the results obtained were quite unsatisfactory, and often very unreliable.


Dr. Vorobiev felt the need for something new and revolutionary in the treatment of heroin, cocaine, marihuana, alcohol, tablet addictions, for something that could offer real results. Thus began the search for new methods, the psychotherapeutic experiment, the unorthodox solutions, and the first victories. Over time Dr. Vorobiev's method - which seeks to establish in the patient a negative relationship with the substance of addiction, by developing a psychological as well as physiological aversion to the substance in question - began to take shape. News of the doctor and his effective new methodology spread quickly.



Why Choose Rehab Clinic Dr. Vorobiev?


  • Because we offer a responsible high quality treatment of drugs, alcohol, benzodiazepines, barbiturates and pathological gambling addiction.
  • We carry out serious physical and psychological examinations included the treating of comorbid illnesses.
  • Guaranteed discretion and an option of anonymous treatment.

Since their founding, our clinics have treated over 10,000 patients suffering from alcohol and drug addiction. Our special medical treatment program is a unique mix of international methodology combined with our own expertise. The result is a successful remission rate many times higher than those found in traditional rehabilitation centers.

A study conducted between May 2007 and May 2008 measured the longer-term outcomes of our patients? recoveries from narcotics addiction. The results were striking: 75% of patients were in excellent remission; 19% were in satisfactory remission. Just 11% of patients were in unsatisfactory remission.


Six more reasons for choosing Dr. Vorobiev Clinic:


  • Dr. Vorobiev's clinic employs five different methods for a completely painless detoxification from heroin, methadone and alcohol. The patient's detoxification must be painless and quick (two to four days). The patient maintains good appetite, mood and sleep.
  • Individual approach in everything: starting with specific medical help, psychotherapy and ending with the diet. Food is prepared in accordance with the patient's religious beliefs or possible food allergies
  • The main reason lies in Dr. Vorobiev's method of treating the brain in such a way that one becomes completely indifferent to drugs and alcohol. In place of the former all encompassing desire to take drugs it surprise at what one could have found attractive.
  • Aversion therapy is used to create a strong distaste for drugs, alcohol and gambling, which aids in further assuring the success of the new-found healthy lifestyle. That insures the protection against of relapse.
  • Long-term support through out-patient treatment sees that everything possible is done to aid the patient retain sobriety.
  • Doctors are available 24-7 should out-patients come to need help at any time.


Treatment Conditions


People from all over the world are treated in our clinic in Belgrade. Within 30 minutes of being greeted at the airport by a member of our staff, the patient is introduced to his or her doctor. Within another 30 minutes the patient is in his or her room undergoing the first diagnostic tests. Should the patient be suffering from withdrawal he or she is provided with aid from the outset. No pains are spared to ensure the patient's comfort. Food is prepared four times a day, and in accordance with the patient's religious beliefs or possible food allergies. All rooms, single and double, come equipped with air-conditioning, private bathrooms and cable television. Table-tennis, billiards, and video game systems can also be found for the patient's enjoyment. During the second stage of the treatment patients are taken to the movies, museums, the zoo and the botanical gardens. Parts of the treatment take place outside of the clinic's walls.



The clinic is open to patients from all countries, suffering from every addiction imaginable, from drugs, to alcohol, to gambling, benzodiazepines and barbiturates etc. Moreover, patients can also be treated for neuroses, depression, even stuttering. A complete examination along with the treatment of any underlying mental disorders or other accompanying illnesses is something the doctors consider a matter of professional duty and ethics.


The Doctors

The team of doctors functioning under Dr. Vorobiev's guidance includes psychiatrists, neurologists, psychotherapists, anaesthesiologists, doctors specialising in resuscitation, and doctors specializing in internal medicine. The doctors of all kinds of specialties are being enlisted if necessary.?

The number of patients seeking treating of heroin, alcohol, marihuana, cocaine, tablet addictions grew, and along with the demand grew the clinic. Doctors were chosen with great care, trained and developed, until a team of the highest quality had been created, a team which could constantly work on refining the clinic's treatment methods, seeking to bring even better results than those already achieved.



Dr. Vorobiev Russian Rehab Clinic, Moscow,Krasnodar,Rostov-on-Don,Pyatigorsk, Russia Profile Details


Our Centers

Our six clinics ? located across three countries ? welcome patients from all over the world. Dr. Vorobiev opened his first location in Russia and followed its success with the opening of a Belgrade clinic.


Addiction Treatment Clinic Dr. Vorobiev in Baja California

Our newest clinic opened in Baja California, Mexico in Summer 2009. An eighth location in El Salvador is in the earliest stages of planning.

Moscow, Russia

Addiction Treatment Clinic Dr. Vorobiev in Moscow

The clinics are designed to surround the patients with warmth, security, and comfortable amenities. Most rooms are double occupancy, and all include a private bathroom, air conditioning, and cable television. Single rooms can be arranged by special agreement.

Krasnodar, Russia

Rehab Clinic Dr. Vorobiev in Krasnodar, RussiaTable tennis, billiards, and video game systems are provided. Some clinics offer a swimming pool, sauna, and gymnasium.

Meals are served four times daily, prepared specially by the clinic?s own kitchen staff. Patients are free to order any other foods s/he might desire from local grocery stores.

During the second stage of the treatment, patients enjoy excursions to movies, local museums, and other attractions.

Rostov On Don, Russia

Rehab Clinic Dr. Vorobiev in Rostov na Donu, RussiaAll of our clinics follow Dr. Vorobiev?s unique treatment methods alongside therapies that are special to each location.

Our Moscow Dr. Vorobiev Rehab Clinic provides a full complement of examinations and treatments, including painless detoxification and holistic therapies. Moscow is Europe?s largest city and one of its most dynamic, with an expansive and beautiful metro system and rich culture.

Advantages of Our Clinics:

Efficiency, Comfort and Patient Care

We take care of their patients with the first, most difficult steps towards a healthy life. We will meet you at the airport, railway stations and escort at the clinic free of charge. If necessary, will provide medical assistance in the airport.

The international medical community has recognized a possible pathogenetic treatment, but our long experience refutes this thesis! One of the main causes of relapse in people with dependence on psychoactive substances is massive attraction, which is very difficult to overcome. We have developed a unique method of treating the brain, which makes people indifferent to drugs or alcohol. Many of them even remember the feeling that they have previously experienced. Forget how the drug. Wonder why so hunted over drugs.

The most common detoxification - agonizing pain, which is going through a person during the procedure. We apply the method (5), which makes absolutely painless detoxification.

In addition, through our many years of development, we korrigiruem mezhpolusharnuyu asymmetry of the brain that stabilize mood and eliminating the attraction to drugs.

The third part of the therapy - effects on the unconscious man. Our unique - their own cable TV, which broadcast in the House of patients special programs (subliminal effects through a variety of methods, disgust to drugs, alcohol and healthy lifestyle).

The next step to sobriety - long-term maintenance outpatient therapy. The doctor is always in close and follows closely the patient.

We know how important support at all stages of treatment and upon discharge. THEREFORE SPECIALISTS CLINIC FREE CONSULTATION, you only pay for therapy.

Treatment should be comprehensive. Most of our patients come to us with a cargo of opportunistic diseases. The clinic is all (of the appropriate equipment to qualified professionals) for the treatment of somatic diseases. In addition, in some clinics a mud-and hydrotherapy, cleansing the body of toxins and toxins, massage and manual therapy, used special methods to deal with aging (anti aging medicine), to the patients have a sauna, jet shower, pool, gym, karaoke. Each patient receives chetyrehrazovoe food, based on individually designed menu, with its religion, food preferences and allergological history.

The main principle of our work - the recovery should be efficient and comfortable. The staff of the clinic with well-wishers and sensitive to all the wishes of patients. Patients are placed in separate rooms for one or two people, as well as single suites.

We are against violence and lattices. We believe that healing can only be based on trust between doctor and patient. Patients come here voluntarily. The clinic is not isolated from the outside world and people, but there is a round-the-clock protection for security guarantees.

Doctors clinics available around the clock, they are constantly with patients in the clinic, and are ready at any time to advise and assist patients to outpatients.

What Makes Us Different?

  • Dr. Vorobiev's clinic employs 5 different methods for a completely painless detoxification from heroin and methadone. Each patient receives a highly personalized detoxification plan. One thing is universal ? the patient?s detoxification must be painless.
  • The main innovation lies in Dr. Vorobiev's method of treating the brain in such a way that one becomes completely indifferent to drugs and alcohol. Many patients even forget what it felt like to take drugs. In place of the former all encompassing desire to take drugs ? surprise at what one could have found attractive.
  • Aversion therapy is used to create a strong distaste for drugs, alcohol and gambling, which aids in further assuring the success of the new-found healthy lifestyle.
  • Long-term support through out-patient treatment sees that everything possible is done to aid the patient retain sobriety.
  • Doctors are available 24-7 should out-patients come to need help at any time.

Patients are also met by our staff at the airport or train station and taken to the clinic free of charge

Success Rates

The Clinic of Doctor Vorobiev started? working in May 2007. The work of the hospital is approved by the local authorities, the Ministry of Health. The inspection of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia approved the work of the hospital, as they found that all necessary conditions for opening the hospital are fulfilled (rooms, equipment, well trained personal etc).

Structure of nosologic forms hospitalizing patients


Complete number of patients asking for help 319 patients
Addicts of? Cocain 10
Other psychoactive substances 3
Opiats 254
Alcohol 41
Polyaddicition 6
Gambling 5


The variants of treatments:


Full treatment (detoxication, psychocorrection, implantation of blokade, out-patient treatment ) 126
Detoxication and implantation of naltrexone 130
Detoxication ?22


Based on catamnestic observation of the patients which undergone the treatment programs, the results are listed below. Informations about condition of patients have been gathered on the regular monthly talks with the doctors in the hospital (during the out-patient program), filled electronic forms on the internet, telephone consultations with the patients and their families.

Duration of patient treatments in the programs in June 2008


Time during which patients
took part in the treatment programs
Number of patients
1-3 months 15
3-6 months 22
6-9 months 34
9-12 months 20
> 12 months 13
Left the program 12
No information 10



The excellent quality remission 72 patients 75 %
The satisfactory quality remission 20 patients 19 %
The unsatisfactory quality remission 12 patients 11 %


Conclusion: it is well known that addictions are chronic progressive disease with periodical recidives with the hard consequences on psychical, psychological and social condition of the patient. The analysis of the clinic's effectiveness during the period from May 2007 till May 2008 showed high number of patients who are not using the narcotics for a long period of time, 79 % of remission with duration of 12 months, high percent of the patients who are satisfied with their condition (75 % of excellent quality remission).

Treatment Procedure

  • People from all over the world are treated in our clinic in Belgrade.
  • Within 30 minutes of being greeted at the airport by a member of our The reception room in Belgradestaff, the patient is introduced to his or her doctor.
  • Within another 30 minutes the patient is in his or her room undergoing the first diagnostic tests.
  • Should the patient be suffering from withdrawal he or she is provided with aid from the outset. No pains are spared to ensure the patient's comfort.
  • Food is prepared four times a day, and in accordance with the patient?s religious beliefs or possible food allergies. All rooms, single and double, come equipped with air-conditioning, private bathrooms and cable television.
  • Table-tennis, billiards, and video game systems can also be found for the patient?s enjoyment. During the second stage of the treatment patients are taken to the movies, museums, the zoo and the botanical gardens. Parts of the treatment take place outside of the clinic?s walls.
  • Patients in the clinic are not isolated from other people and external surroundings. There is everything needed for comfortable living. In some clinics there are also luxurious apartments. Personnel of the clinic pay kind attention to all the wishes of patients, which creates favourable moral - psychological conditions.

Clinics now exist in the following Russian cities: Moscow, Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar, Pyatigorsk, and Georgievsk. As well the clinic based in Belgrade, Serbia has now been treating patients from Europe for two years.??


Dr. Vorobiev Russian Rehab Clinic Treatments Offered


The Doctor Vorobiev's Method

The basis of the method lies in the treatment of the brain through a unique combination of medicine, equipment, and a special informational psychotherapy. Medications chosen on an individual basis insure that the patient retains his or her ability to sleep comfortably, and that the overall mood of the patient remains positive.

Special equipment is used to stimulate the brain with the intention of reducing the asymmetry between the processes of excitement and inhibition in the right and left hand sides of the brain. This serves to relax the patient, to improve the patient?s overall mood and most importantly, to reduce the attraction of intoxication.

Informational influence to the patient's psyche by transmitting open as well as hidden messages to the patient in states of wakefulness, trance and sleep allows for new, positive ideas (approved by patient) to be inculcated. It bans drugs and alcohol. It opens the images of desired future, improves self-confidence and lays the foundations of new and healthy behaviour.?????

Aversion therapy aids in the development of strong negative physiological as well emotional responses against the previously desired substances, which can completely transform the patient?s relationship to his or her former way of life.

Heroin, cocaine, marijuana, tablet and? alcohol addictions are treatable diseases and drug abuse can be stopped!


The clinic's laboratories take care of such procedures as:

  • Blood and urine analysis
  • Determination of immune status
  • Computerized tomographi,
  • Electrocardiograms
  • just to name a few..

These also include citological, gistological and serological analysis, which allows us to determine all "by - diseases".

Experienced doctors and laboratory assistants changes in patients for the whole process of treatment and rehabilitation.

The team of doctors functioning under Dr. Vorobyov's guidance includes psychiatrists, neurologists, psychotherapists, anaesthesiologists, doctors specialising in resuscitation, and doctors specializing in internal medicine. The doctors of all kinds of specialties are being enlisted if necessary.?


Opiate drugs are very dangerous to withdraw from unsupervised because they are designed so that the body becomes so dependent on them to function that the individual can have seizures, heart attacks and other very acute medical emergencies while simply trying to free themselves of the drugs. Therefore, a medical detox is? necessary, depending on the person?s usage and drug of choice, to ensure medical safety while withdrawing from the drugs.

In 2-4 days (depending on the seriousness of withdrawal symptoms), the physical addiction is painlessly removed using highlyeffective methods of deintoxication, through the use of various types of therapy together with the newest medicines.

The intensive therapy section is equipped in accordance to all modern standards for reanimation and monitoring the most important functions of the human body.

The patient does not feel any physical pain as this intensive therapy is conducted with narcosis by experienced anesthesiologists and reanimatologists

Eliminating the pathological attraction to addictive substances

This is modern narcology's most difficult task, and our greatest achievement. 16 years of research and hard work have refined Dr. Vorobiev?s method to such a point where patients become indifferent to drugs, alcohol, to the substances that formerly held them prisoner. The desire to get high, or drunk, disappears completely.

How Does This Happen?

Our method of brain treatment effects the psychological side of dependence in three different ways:

Medication is chosen for each patient in accordance with his or her physical and mental state, as well as the specifics of his or her character and personality. This type of individual approach to psycho-pharmacology allows for the elimination and prevention of depression and other mental disorders, for the provision of undisturbed sleep, for the harmonizing of the patient?s natural biorhythms, and for the regulation of the processes of excitement and inhibition. The medication also serves to prepare the patient?s brain for the next stages of treatment.

Other devices decrease worry and anxiety beta-rhythms in the patient's brain while increasing pleasure and comfort alpha-rhythms, helping in the cultivation of positive brain activity.

As well devices are used to stimulate the production of endorphins ? the hormones of pleasure and bliss.

All of this helps to considerably improve the mental state of the patient, in turn allowing us to reduce the size of doses of medication.

Information is transmitted to the conscious and unconscious parts of the patient?s brain, carrying varying messages and formulas, which continue throughout the entire treatment process. In part these messages are pictures of horror, pictures of the suffering and death that result from drugs. They serve to create a firm feeling of aversion for all things related to drug addiction. But they also serve to affirm positive, healthy images related to a sober future ? family life, friends, and other normal pleasures. A new life, with new goals gradually takes the place of the old negative memories and feelings of guilt that can weigh a person down.

The combination of these different types of treatment brings us to our goal ? a cold indifference towards a substance that formerly held one captive. Thoughts that formerly ran constantly through one's mind ? disappear. Many patients even forget what it felt like to take drugs.

The End Result


Aversion Therapy

People take drugs and drink not because it is good for them, or because it helps make them richer. On the contrary, gradually losing control over their own lives, alone with their broken bodies, they come to understand that not all is as it should be.

So Just Why Do They Do It Then?

They have to, they have no choice, because they have developed the habit of relaxing in this way, and in this way finding joy. It is then that they come to associate the substance with pleasure, with a pleasant high.

  • But what if one were to 'rob' the substance of its pleasant associations?
  • What if one were to replace it with negative associations?
    The specialists at Dr. Vorobiev's clinic are capable of changing the way a person reacts to substances. Instead of comfort and pleasure, a person now receives just the opposite. The smell and taste of alcohol, once pleasant now cause a person to experience horror. The person?s heart-rate increases, it becomes hard to breathe, they break out into a cold sweat, and feel the desire to vomit. These highly unpleasant reactions then lead to a hatred of the previously loved substance. The person comes to reject the substance, transforming into a confirmed advocate of sobriety.

Aversion therapy transforms indifference into horror and disgust. This gives our patients more certainty in the future, protecting them from possible relapses.

Therapy of Birth

This method results in a renewal of internal resources; movingthrough all stages of development up to ontogenesis, the changing of emotional state, and overcoming of internal barriers.


On the physical level, yoga postures, called asanas, are designed to tone, strengthen, and align the body. These postures are performed to make the spine supple and healthy and to promote blood flow to all the organs, glands, and tissues, keeping all the bodily systems healthy. On the mental level, yoga uses breathing techniques (pranayama) and meditation (dyana) to quiet, clarify, and discipline the mind. Yoga is a way of living with health and peace of mind as its aims.

Hellinger's Family Positions Method

In the process of this psychotherapy family relations are normalized, patients come to understand theirown position in their family and change their attitude towards other family members.

Body-Orianted Therapy

This method involves full body relaxation; transpersonal experience; it offers an opportunity to escape fear, and concentrate on the level of muscular? tension.

Transpersonal Session

This method is aimed at creating a favourable psychological atmosphere of supportfor all feelings and sensations without intellectual correction of their content by means of empirical self - research. Moreover, work on psychosomatic symptoms is used.

Transpersonal session is an approach to self-exploration and healing that integrates insights from modern consciousness research, anthropology, various depth psychologies, transpersonal psychology, Eastern spiritual practices, and mystical traditions of the world.

The method comprises five elements: group process, intensified breathing, evocative music, focused body work, and expressive drawing. The method's general effect is a non-specific amplification of a person's psychic process, which facilitates the psyche's natural capacity for healing.

Integrator of Eye Movement

The goal of psychotherapy sessions is to ensure unconscious access of a patient to resource conditions with the help of specially organized eye movement. The psychological basis of this procedure lies in the liquidation of emotional reactivity of a personality and its safeguarding from adrenaline splashes. In return, it creates new independent state of reminiscences.

One of the unique methods used in the Vorobiev Clinics, is the latest achievement in the sphere of practical psychology and psychotherapy called "Integrator of eye movement". The psychological basis of this program is the conception of Ernst Rossi and David Krik about condition dependent memory. Condition dependent memory is active on unconscious levels and creates the basis for psychological breaches and is the source for psychological and psychosomatic problems.

Special Equipment
"Transair - 01"

This apparatus is earmarked for transcranial electrical treatment. Current from the apparatus penetrates through skin and head and affects antinociceptive structures of the brain, what entails an intensification of forming of opioid peptids. The cellular immunity is being essentially improved and acute chronic pain syndromes areweakened and limited.


This apparatus accelerates the circulation of blood; increases blood volume in the brain, liver, kidneys; enriches with oxygen; intensifies removal of the toxins from the liver; regulates internal secretion; decreases cholesterol levels and the quantity of adipose cells, making vessel sides more elastic.

Theoretical Basis of the Method

In the fifties the method of electro - encepholography has been developed. This method allows to fix and to study electrical potencials of the brain. It was determined that the brain is able to follow different rhythm stimula, for example, impulses of the hyper - low - tension current, light flash and acoustic flicks, if the frequency of such stimula is in the natural diapason of the frequencies of electrical potencials of the brain (0,5 - 42 Hz).

The brain follows stimula in the frequency interval 10 - 25 Hz very well, but under conditions of the special training this interval can be expanded up to the whole diapason of the natural frequencies of the brain. This discovery allowed to create effective training system for the brain for achievment of necessary conditions. Nowadays four types of electrical oscillations of the human brain are considered to be main. Every type of such electrical oscilattions has its own frequency diapason and dominates under respective state of consciousness.

Non-Traditional Therapy
Sub - Ordinant Therapy

This unique methodology of correction of central nervous system: a doctor influences on sub - ordinant structures and levels phatological asymmetry of brain hemispheres.


It changes excitability of brain neurons, stimulets synthesis of different biologically active substance combinations. Efficiency of acupuncture while treating neuropsychiatric diseases is connected with restoration of dynamic equilibrium between process of excitement and braking in structures of central nervous system.


Different massage methods are applied dependent on genesis and stage of the disease. Massage favourably influences on emotional sphere, psychical health, nervous system, renewing mechanism of self - regulation in organismus.




Criotherapy is very effective in the case of any abstinence syndroms and breach of gomeostasis. This method is applied in the case of depressive state, hard somatic diseases. Craving for drugs and psychoactive substances immensly decreases.


The clinic has unique possibilities for long - standing rehabilitation in Caucasus mineral water resorts. Patients receive balneo - and physical medical treatment in the best sanatoriums of Pyatigorsk, Kislovodsk, Essentuki.

Special psychotherapy programs are conducted in the North Caucasus and on the Black Sea coast. These programs are earmarked both for patients and their relatives. After finishing rehabilitation patients are assisted in finding a job, solving legal questions, and reinstatement of professional skills.

As a result patients completely socially adapt themselves and restore their lost personality.


Making the Results Stick

For 12 months following the intensive treatment received in the clinic the patient continues treatment as an out-patient at home. Small doses of medication serve to ward off stress, depression, and insomnia, insuring a painless transition to sobriety. At least once a month the patient talks to the psychiatrist to ensure the treatment is being effectively and properly preserved. All consultations with the doctor or medical assistance are provided free of charge at any time for whatever problems may arise, whether they be related to a downswing in mood, a loss of appetite, negative thoughts or doubts, etc?. By the time a year has passed sobriety becomes the natural state for the patient. The brain once again begins to produce a sufficient amount of endorphins, which offer one the pleasure that comes from a clean and healthy life. After this the patient switches to elective treatment, should the need for further treatment arise.
Over 80% of patients who finish a course of treatment at the clinic remain clean beyond the first year. This is a success rate 6-7 times higher than the average rate found in the rest of the world.

Doctor Vorobiev's clinic does everything to achieve and retain the results of sobriety. Prevention of relapse is attained by offering long term contact and support to patients, by being prepared for and seeking early symptoms of relapse, and by acting swiftly, not giving problems the opportunity to develop.

Addiction is not the only problem we solve.? Using every possibility generously given to us by the nature of the Caucasus, we improve the physical and psychological condition of our patients.? Our clinic is located in right in the center of the resort zone, so our patients have access to all types of water, mud, and climate treatment.? We have a tour guide on staff who accompanies patients on walks around the city.?

The clinic is equipped with everything necessary for diagnostics, treatment (including emergency care), and psychological rehabilitation, and our rooms are very comfortably equipped.? Our unique cable television system allows us to broadcast special programs to our patients, influencing their subconscious and creating an aversion to drugs and alcohol.? This also helps patients create a healthy lifestyle.? Our clinic in the Caucasus is one of the first created by Dr. Vorobiev.? Over the years, the clinic has made its mark on a new generation of leaders who have spread Dr. Vorobiev's ideas and unique methods throughout the world.?


What is Depression?

According to World Health Organization (WHO) estimates, by 2020, depression will become the second-leading cause of disability and death throughout the entire world.? About one million people commit suicide annually, and people suffering from depression make up between 45 and 60% of suicides. This figure is becoming comparable to infectious and cardiovascular diseases.?

A person with depression has a 35 times greater chance to end his life through suicide than do those not suffering from depression.? 50% of those with endogenous depression and 20% of those with psychogenic depression attempt suicide. One out of every six commits suicide.? According to research conducted in the USA, people susceptible to depression are two times more likely to die from other illnesses.?

Depression often develops among family members of a patient already suffering from depression.? Approximately 20% of relatives of depressed people suffer from depression, while relatives of healthy people become sick in 7% of cases.

Risk of depression among single and divorced people is 2-4 times higher than among people with families.? Also, single and divorced men are at a higher risk than single and divorced women.? Even if only spouse suffers from depression, divorce is 10 times more likely than among healthy families.?

50% of depression sufferers do not even seek medical help, and only 25-30% of the others make it to the psychiatrist.?

Primary Symptoms of Depression:

  • A depressed mood, independent of circumstances, that lasts for an extended period of time (two weeks and longer)
  • Anhedonia, a loss of interest or pleasure in activities that were pleasant in the past
  • Visible fatigue, a decline in energy

Secondary Symptoms:

  • Pessimism
  • Feeling of guilt, uselessness, anxiety and/or fear
  • Low self-esteem
  • Inability to concentrate and make decisions
  • Thoughts about death and/or suicide
  • Unstable appetite, noticeable increases or decreases in weight
  • Interrupted sleep, insomnia, or hypersomnia (drowsiness)

If you have two primary symptoms and no fewer than three secondary symptoms, then you can confidently talk about having depression.?

What Is Anxiety Disorder?

According to WHO data, anxiety and other mood disorders are among the top ten greatest public health problems.? Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD), panic disorder and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) are included in this group of psychological illnesses.

What Is Schizophrenia?

Schizophrenia is a psychological disorder for which there are characteristic shifts in perceptions or reflections of reality.?The first episode of the illness is usually associated with an appearance of so-called "productive symptoms."?The person experiences auditory hallucinations (voices), delusions, disorganized speech (it is unknown what a person is trying to say, speech is off-topic, illogical), unexpected and unusual interest in religion and philosophy, "metaphysical intoxication", and grotesque behavior.???

How Do You Treat It?

WHO experts ask people not to be afraid to seek medical attention and, most importantly, to do it in a timely manner.?

There are numerous methods of treatment for depression, anxiety disorder, and schizophrenia.? Each method is individually selected taking into account the severity of the condition, the form of the illness, the duration of the illness and the prognosis, the survivability of treatment, and also the physical condition of the patient.??

Each year, the catalogue of new antidepressant drugs is about 3 centimeters in width.? Only real professionals can deal with such a huge quantity of medicines and treatments and select the most effective and safe forms of treatment while taking into account the patient?s individual situation.?Only real professionals can monitor therapy through the entire process and provide adequate outpatient care.??


Dr. Vorobiev Russian Rehab Clinic Certificates, Accreditations, Qualifications


About Dr. Vorobiev

Dr. Nikolay Vorobiev began treating people suffering from drug, alcohol, depression and behavioral addictions. He quickly observed that popular addiction treatment methods were only minimally successful. Most positive outcomes, he realized, were not sustainable over a lifetime.

Dr. Vorobiev came to an important conclusion: to rid themselves of addiction, patients must rid themselves of the desire and cravings that drive them. Developing a hardwired aversion ? indifference and repulsion ? to the devastating drugs or behaviors is the key to a patient?s success. Centered on this idea, Dr. Vorobiev began his quest for a new methodology of addiction treatment that eliminates drugs and alcohol cravings.

Dr. Vorobiev?s treatments were effective, and word spread quickly. The number of patients seeking his care grew. The Dr. Vorobiev Rehabilitation Clinic expanded and a larger team of healthcare professionals was assembled ? doctors were carefully selected and then specially trained in Vorobiev?s methodology. The team was founded on the ideal of constant education, improvement, and forward-thinking research.

Since their founding, Dr. Vorobiev Rehab Clinics have treated more than 10,000 patients suffering from alcohol and drug addiction.

Dr. Vorobiev?s acclaimed treatment is available at our seven clinics, located worldwide (Serbia, Russia, Mexico).

The number of patients seeking treating of heroin, alcohol, marihuana, cocaine, tablet addictions grew, and along with the demand grew the clinic. Doctors were chosen with great care, trained and developed, until a team of the highest quality had been created, a team which could constantly work on refining the clinic's treatment methods, seeking to bring even better results than those already achieved.


Dr. Vorobiev Nikolay is an expert in following fields

  • Psychiatry
  • Narcomania
  • Resuscitation
  • Toxicology

Educational Background:

  • Dr. Vorobiev Nikolay got his medical degree in 1986 from Military Medical Academy named after S.M. Kirov, Leningrad, USSR
  • He is also a visiting professor of Mae Fa luang University Hospital Thailand.

Memberships and Associations:

  • He is full member of American Association of Anti-aging Medicine and International Consortium for Cell Therapy and Immunotherapy.
  • Dr. Vorobiev Nikolay is also participant of international medical conferences and forums, organized by European Association of Medical Tourism and American Medical Tourism Association
  • He was also a Gold Sponsor of one of the largest medical exhibition in the world ? Arab Health.

Scientific Publications:

  • Clinical ? pathogenetic features of acute poisoning - 2003
  • Clinical ? interpretation of laboratorial researches - 2006

Doctor Vorobiev has crafted his own techniques of treating different kinds of addictions. The axis of these treatments is a special brain impact therapy.

Since 2002 Dr. Vorobiev is working on a new direction of medical services, which is anti-aging therapy.

This therapy helps in restoration of diseased organs and bodily systems. He observed that addicts premature age and deeply studied this problem.

He also took part in a number of international conferences, forums and symposiums around the world. He also worked in cooperation with many medical companies and practitioners from many countries and realized that for the time being the most effective treatment can be special procedures using mesenchymal stromal cells.

He also founded an international medical company - Swiss Medica XXI Century S.A., and including chain of privately owned clinics, in which, So far, more than 300 patients have been successfully treated.



Dr. Vorobiev Russian Rehab Clinic Testimonials



When my son and I arrived to the clinic I knew this clinic was special. Thank you so very much for helping my son. The lives of all our family are finally changed for the better. Thanks to all the great doctors and Dr. Vorobiev. My biggest wish is that more people from my country learn about your clinic!
Leila M.


It's been 3 years now since my treatment at the clinic. I haven't used any drugs ever since. I feel good and healthy and much stronger than before. Thank you for all your work and support.


The method they use at the clinic is superb. My son just finished his treatment program for heroin and methadone addiction at the clinic in Moscow. I see him happy and smiling. Hi's been through many different treatments at many different clinics, but this one is just the best. Thank you everyone for your professionalism and sincerity.


I've got to thank the doctors and the nurses at the clinic for taking care of me in the way I would never hoped to be treated. I must say, the doctors are the top doctors I've ever met, and yet they are down to earth and very thoughtful. I know that my alcohol and marihuana addiction is now part of the past. I look forward to my new life.
Mike O.


Hi! I used to take heroin, cocaine and other psychoactive drugs.? I've been clean for 6 years now. I am now married, and I have two healthy daughters. I would have never achieved all this without Vorobiev treatment program.? If you are ready to make your life better this is the clinic to choose.


I've been clean for over 2.5 years now, but I want to come back cuz I miss you guys!
Farida E.


Dr. Vorobiev Russian Rehab Clinic Awards & Recognitions


World Medical Tourism & Global Health Congress in San Francisco 2008

In September 2008, the delegation of the specialists of the Rehabilitation Clinic Dr Vorobiev attended the World Medical Tourism & Global Health Congress in San Francisco. There was given a presentation on the subject of the clinic?s methods of addiction treatments. Important network meetings took place and good business contacts with the future partners were made. Please find the text of the presentation below:

The Treatment of Addiction and Medical Tourism

Ladies, Gentlemen, respected Colleagues.
Today I would like to speak to you about an area of medicine that will soon become one of the fastest developing branches of medical tourism ? the treatment of addiction. Or to be more exact - the treatment of drug addiction, alcoholism, and gambling.

A few figures, very few indeed, will suffice to show you just why the treatment of addiction has, if you will forgive the expression, a bright future.

Firstly, we find an enormous number of patients suffering from addiction, a number that increases annually.

Secondly, the fact that a large number of patients are financially capable of seeking medical help.

According to various official sources in the United States, no less than 1 million Americans regularly use so called ?heavy? drugs.? They consume over 13 tonnes of heroin a year, which can cost between 500 ? 800 US dollars for a single gram. A heroin addict spends an average of 150 ? 200 dollars a day for his drugs.

Roughly 14 million Americans have a drinking problem. Approximately 100 000 people die each year as a result of alcohol consumption. Students alone spend 5.5 billion dollars on alcohol annually. The amount of money lost to gambling addiction is almost impossible to estimate.

And then there is motivation, which includes a depressing admission of one's own impotence, of one?s inability to break free from a substance on his own. An understanding of the deadly risk of an overdose, of the many accompanying diseases affecting the liver, heart, nervous system, and so on and so forth. Finally, a growing sense of physical, social, and spiritual individuality. Many of our patients are respectable citizens, businessmen, politicians ? people who were trying to relieve the emotional stress of difficult professions in a dangerous way. And these people are prepared to pay for high quality, confidential medical treatment.

Thirdly, there is the desire of many patients to seek qualified treatment far away from the prying eyes of neighbours. This can be found in foreign country. A foreign country can also offer new types of treatment for those who have become disappointed with doctors in their own country.

And a new type of treatment is exactly what we are here to bring to your attention today. For over 16 years a team of doctors under the leadership and guidance of Dr. Nikolay Vorobyov has been applying, practising, and constantly refining a method of treatment which has met with great success in the country of its origin, Russia, and neighbouring Serbia. In the Russian and Serbian clinics were/are being treated people from USA, Norway, Greece, South African Republic, Germany, Sweden etc.

The key to Dr. Vorobyov's methodology lies within the examination and treatment of the patient?s mind, bringing the patient to a feeling of indifference towards the addictive substance, ultimately leading to a complete aversion or loathing.

Let's take a look at what this means in relation to a heroin addiction. An initial examination allows us to choose from a wide variety of methods the method of detox most suited to the given patient. At this stage the main goal of treatment is met, namely, the patient is freed from his addiction without pain, without depression ? without the terrifying withdrawal syndrome that usually accompany a break from such addiction. Neither appetite nor sleep, nor mood in general are affected due to the treatment. A fact which cannot fail to draw attention to itself and attract those seeking treatment.

As soon as tests show that the patient's organism is completely free of substances, work begins on the brain.? Especially as at this point in treatment the substance craving intensifies.


Moscow,Krasnodar,Rostov-on-Don,Pyatigorsk, Russia Destination Overview


Why Moscow?

Away from the bustle of Europe's largest metropolis, in a comfortable suburb of Moscow, chosen leaders of the country, famous for its forests and clean air, is located in our new klinkika Nakhabino.

When we searched for our clinic, we wanted to do something qualitatively new. Do not just give patients from Russia to get rid of dependence with the help of one of the most effective methods of authorship in the world ( ?Akademika Vorobieva method?), but do so in a comfortable and pleasant place, and learn from the opportunities offered by kinika in Nakhabino (antiaging, medical rejuvenation, enhancing the male force) as much as possible to the health and comfort of our patients and visitors.

In Russia, many clinics (especially psychiatric profile) with a high level of treatment. But when you come to it, it smells like a hospital and old age, worn-out furniture, curtains and carrion Soviet parquet. Who is not able to afford something better, but there are those who never give their loved ones to live and be treated in such an environment, and therefore go abroad in search of the clinic, which combines a high quality of care and decent conditions of stay.

Our clinic in Nakhabino - this is the only one in Moscow and area clinic specializing in treating addictions, stuttering, mental illness and rejuvenation in dignity.

Our clinic is located on the territory of enclosures in a new three-storey building, which a lot of light and warm tones. All furniture, tools, plumbing, repairs - not new ones. It is more like a vast mansion than a licensed health facility. Swimming pool, sauna, billiards, gym, private parking, comfortable interior courtyards, and large suites for a single residence, and to live with his family.

Bathrooms in the suites more than a 6-bed chamber in a normal hospital, for the most discerning guests a separate sitting room and cloakroom.

You will not find a clinic in Moscow, which is sensitive to the comfort of their patients, as we are.

Not far from the clinic is known in Russia Golf Club Le Meridien Moscow Country Club, Branch Chief UPDK at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, 20 minutes - and you have an artificial ski complex ?Snežkou?, the area is also famous for its architecture (namely, here is the administrative heart of Moscow - Photo )
In 3hetazhnom building, fully owned by the clinic, located offices ....

Caucasus Mineral Waters is located in the middle of a 700-kilometer-long strip of land between the Black and Caspian Seas on the northern slope of the Greater Caucasus Mountain Range.? It is within 90 kilometers from Elbrus, the tallest mountain in Europe, with a two-headed peak visible practically throughout the entire region.? Covering approximately six thousand square kilometers, the region is noted for large contrasts in natural features.

In the areas surrounding Caucasus Mineral Waters, there are many excellent places that attract visitors with the natural beauty and interesting tourist destinations. The proximity of the mountain tops draws people to these areas. Visitors also find surprisingly beautiful valleys draped in vegetation; cool alpine meadows; noisy, sky-blue waterfalls; raging, crystal-clear rivers; abundance of mineral springs; exceptionally clean, always crisp air, packed with phytoncides and the astringent scent of resin and fir.? There are organized bus tours to Teberda, Dombai, Arkhyz, Baksan canyon, Chegem canyon, base of Elbrus, and Goluboi (Blue) Lakes.?



History of Caucasus Mineral Waters The healing power of these mineral springs has been known to the local population for a long time. It is described in legends, where truth is interwoven with fantasy. Echoes from such a legend are contained within the name of one of the local mineral waters, "narzan".? In Russian that word can be translated as "the drink of heroes". Narzan was considered source of power for tribes who, at one time, lived in the Northern Caucasus.?

The first official information about Caucasus Mineral Waters appeared during the reign of Peter I.? Peter sent his royal medic Shober to search for "water in our country that can be used to fight illnesses."? After the medic?s trip, he wrote in a note about the Five-Mountain ?Hot-House" and about "acidic springs", apparently referring to Narzan.? In 1773, the academician Johann Guldenstadt visited the area.? Seven years later, the Konstantinogorsky fortress was built not far from the mountain Goryacha.? At the end of the 18th Century, the famous naturalist Peter Simon Pallas conducted a detailed investigation of the Narzan spring.?

On April 24, 1803, by the decree of Alexander I, Caucasus Mineral Waters were declared a state medical region.? From that historical moment, Caucasus Mineral Waters has become government property that includes medical institutions under government inspection.? And that?s not surprising.? There is no other place on earth where such medically valuable natural resources are found in such a relatively small area.? This includes diverse mineral waters, the richest source of sulfide silt therapeutic mud, a picturesque landscape, and a healthful climate.?

Going to Caucasus Mineral Waters became fashionable among Russian aristocrats.? Many brought with them a large entourage, from servants, cooks and doctors, to dancers and musicians.? For quite a while mineral water was used for swimming, taking hot baths two times daily, and a course of treatment lasted all summer.?

Today Caucasus Mineral Waters is a federally protected ecological region.? It has 120 mineral springs, more than 100 sanatoriums and resort-hotels, natural radon and therapeutic mud from Lake Tambukan, and an abundance of sunny summer days and mild winters.??A diverse array of methods allows the treatment of almost any illness.? Caucasus Mineral Waters has the right to be called the ?pearl? of the Caucasus.

The Resort region encompasses the cities of Pyatigorsk, Kislovodsk, Essentuki, and Zheleznovodsk.?

The following illnesses can be treated at the Caucasus Mineral Waters resort:

  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Diseases of the nervous system
  • Lung diseases, including asthma
  • Gynecological diseases
  • Urinary tract diseases: kidneys, bladder, and urethra
  • Metabolic disease
  • Allergies
  • Digestive tract diseases
  • Musculoskeletal problems
  • Vision problems?