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The tummy tuck is a body reshaping surgery, which removes the so-called abdominal apron - made up of excess skin and fat – in order to give a pleasant look and a more tonic abdomen. Generally, tummy tuck is addressed to anyone who wants to get rid of the ugly belly fat. The abdominal apron appears not only when someone is overweight, but c...

The gastric sleeve surgery (also known as sleeve gastrectomy) is a surgical procedure that results in losing the extra pounds by reducing the patient’s stomach’s size as well as restricting the daily food intake. During this surgical intervention, the surgeon removes approximately 75% of the patient’s stomach. The gherlin hormone ...

If you’re looking for facelift, you may want to know this is one of the best choices you can do in order to look younger in almost no time. Facelift Surgery requires little effort and brings you some benefits included the obvious rejuvenated look you’re looking for. It’s important to clarify that facelift or rhytidectomy does N...

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