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The time period of the analysis usually do not last longer than a female menstrual cycle and that is one month. In spite of everything your physician will advise you if you require additional specialized tests. This answer was provided by:  IVF Panama Reproduction Center ...

The reasons behind infertility could stay in one or maybe both companions. Which means both members of the couple may be suffering infertility problems. According to the World Health Organization – that 30% is related to women, 30% is related to men and 30% is because mixed causes. This answer was provided by:  IVF Panama Reproduc...

The couples who should seek advice from a Fertility Doctor are those who have tried oen or more years to have a baby and also women aged 35 (or over 35) who cannot get pregnant. Arrticles such as Infertility IVF Procedures: Do You Know the Difference? and Fertility Options Abroad might also offer answers to some of your questions. This a...

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