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LASIK surgery seems like the right option when you suffer from diseases such as astigmatism or myopia and you want to gain back the perfect vision once you had, but how much will you have to pay for it you wonder? The most affordable prices for eye LASIK are, for example: In Turkey, you can find it from $965 for a simple surgery and $1,416...

It works by using tiny, rapid pulses of laser light to create your corneal flap(instead of using a metal blade), during the first step of LASIK. Each pulse of light passes through the top layers of your cornea and forms a microscopic bubble at a specific depth and position within your eye. The doctor sets that depth. The IntraLase laser moves back ...

The IntraLase Method is a 100% blade-free technique, a method used to perform the critical first step in the LASIK procedure - creating the corneal flap. The creation of the corneal flap prepares the eye for the second step of the LASIK procedure – the use of the excimer laser on the inner cornea to correct vision.The IntraLase...

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