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Where Can I Have Kidney Transplant in India?

Patients that are diagnosed with terminal renal failure have many treatment options, including dialysis and kidney transplant. Those who are considered to be suited for a transplant will first undergo a complete medical examination. The kidney transplant consists in surgically replacing the kidneys that are unable to function properly with a hea...

What Are Organ Transplant Donor Requirements in Turkey?

Organ transplant is one of the most interesting parts of medicine. It’s actually replacing an organ when it can no longer perform its functions properly (due to disease or trauma) or even become dangerous for the body, with a healthy organ. A transplant involves two key persons: the receiver and the donor. According to the Turkish Health M...

What Are Organ Transplant Donor Requirements in India?

When talking about organ transplant, the person who is giving an organ is called a donor and the one who receives it is called a recipient. In India, an individual can be a donor irrespective of his/her caste, religion, age, gender or community. The donor needs to be a close (first degree) relative (mother, father, brother, sister, child ab...

Which are the best kidney transplant centers in Turkey?

What is a Kidney Transplant? Kidney transplant is a surgical method to place a functioning kidney from a donor into a person whose kidneys no longer function properly. Only one donated kidney can share the work of the two failing kidneys and can keep the human body functioning properly. A living or deceased donor is needed for organ donation. Th...

How much does a kidney transplant cost in India?

The prices for kidney transplant in India are of average $14,000. Depending on the type of procedure involved these can vary. Types of kidney transplant procedures in India that may differ in costs:  Cadaveric renal transplantation - $11,000 average cost; Cadaver-donor kidney transplantation - $11,000 average cost; ...

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