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What is Neurological Rehabilitation and how much does it cost?

Neurological Rehabilitation or Neurorehabilitation is a complex medical process aimed at helping patients to recover  from a nervous system injury, illness or surgery and to minimize and compensate for any functional alterations that might result from it. Prices for neurological rehabilitation vary according to how long the sessions are...

Where can I find Rehabilitation Centers in Europe?

Medical tourism in Europe continues to increase as more and more medical tourists understand that the region offers quality treatments and procedures, affordable prices, top notch centers and hospitals and highly-trained doctors. Europe offers many Rehabilitation centers, which offer high standard medical services, providing the patients com...

What is Drug addiction rehabilitation

Drug addiction rehabilitation and alcoholism rehabilitation begin with the process of detoxification, which basically rids the body of harmful and toxic substances before new lifestyle, habits and issues can be dealt with through group, private, or exposure-type rehabilitative procedures, treatments and programs. ...

Where can I get best and long lasting addiction treatment?

Mexico, Costa Rica, Russia and Serbia have many multi-faceted approach to treatment, which includes thorough exams and diagnostics, detox, aversion therapy, psychological therapy, yoga and body-oriented therapies that help patients learn about the connection between the mental and physical aspects of treatments andovercoming addictions. ...

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