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Will I Be Able To Walk After Spine Surgery?

Yes. Some patients may need physical therapy after Spine Surgery, but they are able to walk when they are discharged from the hospital. Here is an interesting article related to spine surgery, titled Spinal Surgery Comes of Age, which will surely help you with important and useful information related to this issue. ...

Will Fusion Make My Back Stiff And Unable To Move?

After spinal fusion most people have enough motion in their backs to perform all activities of daily living and most sports. If you participate in activities that require a tremendous amount of flexibility, it may take a while to adapt. Most people find that within a year or so their backs begin to feel "normal" when participating in t...

What Is A Bone Graft?

A bone graft is primarily used to stimulate bone healing. It increases bone production and helps the vertebrae heal together into a solid bone. In the past, a bone graft harvested from the patient's hip was the only option for fusing the vertebrae. This type of graft is called an autograft. Harvesting a bone graft requires an additional ...

What Is Involved With A Spinal Fusion Surgery?

In a spinal fusion, the curved vertebrae are fused together so that they heal into a single, solid bone. This will stop growth completely in the abnormal segment of the spine and prevent the curve from getting worse. All spinal fusions use some type of bone material, called a bone graft, to help promote the fusion. Generally, small pieces of...

How Straight Will My Spine Be After Surgery?

Because your spinal bones protect your spinal cord, your surgeon will move the bones only as far as is safe. The degree of correction from surgery depends on how flexible your scoliosis is before your operation. In general, the more flexible your curve is, the better the correction from surgery. Your doctor can measure your flexibility before su...

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