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The tubal ligation reversal surgery is a procedure that women undergo in order to restore their fertility after a previous ligation of the fallopian tubes. This reversal allows the patient to get pregnant without additional medical assistance. There are several reasons why a person might regret that she chose having her fallopian tubes’ ligat...

The Tubal Ligation Reversion is a surgical procedure done in order to restore fertility after the ligation of the fallopian tubes (a sterilization procedure in which the fallopian tubes are sectioned or totally blocked in order to prevent pregnancy). During the tubal ligation reversal, the surgeon removes the blocked segment of the fallo...

Tubal ligation is the permanent procedure through which the fallopian tubes are blocked to prevent unwanted pregnancy. One of the most common methods for this procedure is the laparoscopic one. Small incisions are made in the lower abdomen, through which the laparoscope will be inserted. Using this instrument the surgeon can see and cut parts of t...

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