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Bariatric-Surgery, Obesity medical centers in Mexico

Molding Clinic Surgical Center

Tijuana, Mexico
Dr. Martinez's vision is to create a safe environment for the patient with weight challenges. We offer a plan of balanced nutrition, approved by the O.M.S. With this formula, patients can lose up to 25 pounds in one month. We also offer the option of surgical procedures, such as Liposculture, breast implants and on reductions, tummy tucks, and our specialty, the Gastric Band, for patients that have high levels of body mass index above 40. Patients can lose to up to 140 pounds.

Monterrey Gastro & Bariatric Group

Monterrey, Mexico
Located in Monterrey, Mexico, Monterrey Gastro & Bariatric Group is a renowned obesity surgery center which offers its patients a proven and comprehensive bariatric program that includes a personalized treatment plan.

NutriciAn Ortomolecular

Mexico City, Mexico
I teach nutrition and ortomolecular nutrition, have my own practice and food developer for new healthy foods including the orto principles. I am Vice-President in AsociaciA?n Hispanoamericana de NutriologA?a alternativa Ortomolecular y Antienvejecimiento AC in Mexico, that preceeds Dr HA?ctor Solorzano del RA?o.

Obesidad Y Diabetes

Mexico City, Mexico
We offer bariatric surgery and gastroinestinal procedures since 2006 at the most prestigious hospital in Mexico and Latin America, center of excellence in Bariatric Surgery. We offer multidisciplinary approach before, during and after bariatric surgery with very good results and very happy patients. The ABC Medical Center is an accredited Hospital by the Joint comission International (JCI), member of the Houston Methodist Leading Medicine. We are located in Mexico City in the Santa Fe area, the ponient side of this beautiful city. Laparoscopic Roux en Y Gastric Bypass, Sleeve Gastrectomy and Adjustable Gastric Band. Laparoscopic antirelfux surgery, laparoscopic abdominal wall hernia surgery, laparoscopic gastrointestinal surgery

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Obesity & Metabolic Surgery Center

Chihuahua, Mexico
Highly trained specialists in the integral management of obesity and its associated metabolic problems… safe, affordable and JCI certified facilities

Obesity Advisor Center

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Obesity Advisor is one of the best bariatric surgery clinics in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico. The clinic is chosen by local and international patients looking for safe and successful obesity surgery performed by Dr. Gerardo Garcia Alvarez, one of the best bariatric surgeons in Mexico.

Obesity and Endoscopic Surgery Clinic

Villahermosa, Mexico
Obesity and Endoscopic Surgery Clinic offers a wide variety of laparoscopic surgery procedures. Our team of specialists is well-qualified and experienced in offering scarless laparoscopic surgeries.

Obesity Guadalajara

Zapopan, Mexico
Guadalajara in Mexico is the location of this clinic where expert and experienced bariatric surgeons and their support staff help obese patients lose weight through procedures of a high standard. Overseas patients are welcomed and treated at affordable prices by the team. The team arranges a full package including local transport and hotel and hospital accommodation for the convenience of overseas patients. Services provided include endoscopy for diagnosis and management of post- surgical complications, Pre-operative assessment of the patient, gastric bypass surgery, sleeve gastrectomy, gastric sleeve plication, lap band surgery and intra gastric balloon procedures.

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Obesity Surgery Dr Jose Juan Durazo

Mexicali, Mexico
Obesity Surgery Dr Jose Juan Durazo is a Bariatric Surgeon in Baja California. To contact them for additional information simply fill out the contact form.


Tijuana, Mexico
Obesity is no longer a problem thanks to Ready4Achange located in Tijuana, Mexico. Offering the newest technology, here you can get lap band surgery, gastroplasty, gastric bypass, gastric balloon,sleeve gastrectomy and much more. Leaving without obesity is now easy, don't waste your time, contact us now.

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