Medical Centers

Cervical-Cancer, Cancer-Treatment medical centers in San-Carlos, Mexico

St. Jude Center

Tijuana, Mexico
St. Jude Center is the best general clinic located in Tijuana, Mexico. In this clinic, with high-quality equipment and staff, you can find a solution for any medical problem that you may have, starting from some simple procedures to really complex ones, this clinic becomes one of the best general clinics.

The Good Samaritan Medical Center

Ciudad Juarez, Mexico
Since 1994 The Good Samaritan M.C. has been the smart choice for those seeking the state of the art, comprehensive health care. Our medical center offers many of the most advanced assessments & diagnostics, all under the same roof and with medical staff available all the time.

The Healthy Baja Group

Tijuana, Mexico
The hospital is located in downtown Tijuana, at only five minutes from the border with the USA. We have over 30 medical specialists which operate in the field of plastic surgery, odontology, and aesthetics.
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