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Dentures-(Full-mouth), Dentistry medical centers in Seoul, South-Korea

New Face Dental Hospital

Seoul, South Korea
New Face Dental Hospital is part of the Korea Dain Dental Group, which includes 5 clinics located in Seoul, Korea, 40 professional dentists and 200 medical staff. New Face Dental Hospital is a modern dental clinic which aims to offer the best and safest medical care to its patients, and also to spread its modern Korean technology worldwide.

S-Plant Digital Dental Hospital

Seoul, South Korea
Our hospital is the first digitalized dental hospital in Korea and our team is a leading group of our community. We are specialized for Implant dental restorations and Dentofacial Orthodontics. Of course we take care of all patients who have dental problems including dental caries and periodontal issues. We are ready to look after the patients who visited our country, KOREA, too

Samsung Medical Center

Seoul, South Korea
Samsung Medical Center was founded on November 9, 1994 under the philosophy to contribute to improving health of the nation through the best medical service, the advanced medical research and development of outstanding medical personnel. Comprised of 40 departments, 8 special centers and over 110 special clinics, SMC is a tertiary hospital with 1,951 sickbeds where approximately 6,500 staffs including over 1,200 doctors and 2,000 nurses are working. We provide specialized medical care for Cancer, Cardiovascular and Health Promotion Center.

Seoul St.Mary’s Hospital

Seoul, South Korea
Since its establishment in 1980, Gangnam St. Mary's Hospital has been striving to treat mental and physical illnesses for almost three decades. In March 2009, it was reborn with a new, cutting-edge infrastructure as Seoul St. Mary's Hospital, with the aim of establishing a new medical culture. Seoul St. Mary's Hospital represents the Catholic Medical Center with world-class medical staff and advanced medical equipment. With 22 upper floors, 6 basements and 1200 sickbeds, it is the largest among Korean hospitals consisting of a single building. We provide specialized medical care in Organ Transplantation, Cancer Institute, Eye Care.

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Yonsei University Gangnam Severance Hospital

Seoul, South Korea
Starting the history of medicine brilliantly as Korea-first modern medical center last year, Yonsei University Health System has been recognized as a living witness of Korean modern medical science and medical education, and Gangnam Severance Hospital has functioned as the central medical institution of Yonsei University Health System with Severance Hospital. Gangnam Severance Hospital was established to spread the human-based medical treatment and advanced Yonsei medicine based on the love, sacrifice and Christian spirit, the principles of Yonsei University foundation in Gangnam area, Seoul which was an unproductive land in .
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