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Stem Cell Therapy 4 Me

Brno, Czech Republic
Brno, Czech Republic

STEM CELL THERAPY 4 ME, located in Brno, Czech Republic, uses autologous stem cells, obtained from patient?s own fat, to treat or improve the symptoms of many medical conditions. STEM CELL THERAPY 4 ME represents a unique team of specialists including doctors, scientists and researchers with more than 15 years of experience in stem cell therapy. The clinic uses patented technology for the highest


Stemreg-X Bio Intelligence and Therapeutics Pvt Ltd

Mumbai, India
Mumbai, India

StemRegX BioIntelligence & Therapeutics, located in Mumbai, India, is one of the most trusted and highlighted company in the country which has expertise in providing the best Stem Cell Services for all major degenerative diseases.

Premier Medical Travel

Littleton, United States
Premier Medical Travel, located in Littleton, United States, is a medical tourism company with the goal of helping patients choose among the best options when it comes to world-class medical tourism. The company collaborates with accredited medical facilities and renowned physicians all over the world.

StemCells21::Regenerative Medicine

Bangkok, Thailand
21st Century adult stem cell medicine has treated thousands of patients safely and effectively - giving most of them back a quality of life they thought they had lost forever.

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