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Explore the prices across the most popular destinations for orthopedic surgeries and procedures around the world. Knowing the prices and the price ranges in different countries can make it easier for you to make an informed decision about your destination for an orthopedic surgery.

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In order to find the right doctor and the right procedure for your chronic injury or recent injury problems, you have to be prepared to ask questions and rate the various doctors based on their answers. Going abroad for an orthopedic treatment is not something to be treated lightly, and you should go prepared.

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Many people need an orthopedic surgery in their later years. Those who wish to do it have numerous options at their disposal. You have to be informed to make a good decision.

For patients who are experiencing ACL injuries and want to get rid of the stiffness, pain and to be able to move without discomfort, the ACL surgery options available in Asia can be the top-notch and affordable solution they've been looking for?

Total Knee Replacement is highly effective because it is able to relieve pain and improve your knee functions especially if you are suffering from severe osteoarthritis compared to using non-surgical therapy alone.Check out which are the best India Knee replacement centers that offer affordable packages to medical tourists!

Infographics: Spine Surgery in Thailand - by: PlacidWay, Placidway

If you experience spinal cord discomfort, it is critical that you seek diagnosis and treatment from a spine specialist immediately in order to prevent further injury. The introduction of new spinal treatment technology has led to low risk of infections, reduction of bleeding, minimal pain and disability so that you recover faster and return to your normal activities. Check out which are the best Spine Care centers in Thailand that offer affordable Spinal Surgery packages to medical tourists!

Results 1 - 10 of 171
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