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Find the most affordable Dental procedures in Mexico, India, Turkey, Croatia, Poland and Thailand. Find the best option for you.

Find the most affordable dental procedures in Mexico, India, Turkey, Croatia, Poland and Thailand. Find the best treatment for you.

Explore the most affordable dental treatments in different countries for the best price. Find the best treatment for you.

Discover top 8 places to go for Orthopedics procedures and treatments. Find the best solution for you.

Croatia also offers facilities, physicians and surgeons who specialize in dental care.

Health Tourism Seen as Next Growth Industry - by: Ella Karapetyan, The Baltic Times

TALLINN - The Estonian Development Fund in October 2010 revealed a study called “Healthcare Services 2018,” which is part of a wider project on Estonia’s service economy that was initiated in 2008. This study analyzes opportunities for Estonia’s export of health and wellness services over the next decade, outlines choices for a strategy, and makes recommendations for action.

Central and Eastern European countries are quickly developing their medical tourism. The countries offer cheaper yet quality health care and they are easily accessible from Western Europe. The biggest attraction for medical tourists is almost always the cheaper price. Sometimes the cost of a surgery in Eastern Europe may be even 70 per cent cheaper than in the US or in the UK....

The Medical Tourism Association's 1st annual conference, the World Medical Tourism & Global Health Congress was a tremendous success with over 850 attendees from over 45 countries and more than 53 exhibitors and sponsors.

Results 1 - 8 of 8