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39 year old, Juliana Finondo from Argentina is the first ever heart transplant patient to give birth using IVF despite doctor’s warnings. After having heart transplant, she turned to IVF treatment and gave birth to her wonderful daughter, a world premiere.

Fertility Treatment Linked to Multiple Sclerosis - by: HealthDay News Staff, HealthDay News

Fertility treatment is associated with a higher risk of multiple sclerosis exacerbations, which is linked to the increase in reproductive hormones affecting immune function, according to a study published online Oct. 3 in the Annals of Neurology.  

WASILLA -- Mary Percak-Dennett lived with chronic pain for years, the result of a car accident she'd been in at age 17. The accident left her with a broken right leg that never healed properly. It weakened her knee and, over the years, her kneecap and her lower leg began a slow migration to the right.

Dieters banking on Czech inflation - by: Bryn Bailer, CBW

It’s no secret that Western Europeans flock to the Czech Republic for affordable breast augmentations, lip enhancements and other cosmetic surgeries. Increasingly, however, they are being joined by obese medical tourists seeking to lose weight by unorthodox means.

Medical Leave - by: Greg Lindsay, Fast Company

Your next heart surgery could well be in Bangkok -- but don't worry, it'll be "in network." How your health care is taking wing ...  "This doesn't look like a hospital," says Ruben Toral, showing me around. "It feels more like a hotel or an upscale mall." After studying the gleaming lobby of Bumrungrad International for a minute or two, I'm inclined to agree. Americans in shorts recline across from Arab couples in flowing white dishdashas and black abayas, the latter accessorized with designer handbags and sunglasses...

Cosmetic Travel: Plastic Surgery in Brazil - by: Bill Hinchberger , BrazilMax

Ginger Kramp of Andalusia, Alabama, traveled thousands of miles by herself to a strange country where she didn’t speak a word of the language and didn’t particularly trust the food. Then she had a major operation. “I can’t believe I did it,” she said from a hotel in Vitória, Brazil, where she was recovering from plastic surgery. “I’m so happy!”

Argentina: Ugly people strike back - by: Daniel Schweimler, BBC News, Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is a city of beautiful people where appearances are important. The men will tell you that Argentine women are the most attractive in the world; the women say much the same about the men.  But not everyone in Buenos Aires is beautiful. Gonzalo Otalora, for instance, is downright ugly, and he is not embarrassed to admit it.

Results 1 - 10 of 13

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