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Anterior-Lumbar-Interbody-Fusion-(ALIF)-with-PPF, Spine-Care-Surgery medical news in San-Jose, Costa-Rica

Medical Tourism: Your Guide to Fun, Sun, and Cheap Surgery - by: Justin Rohrlich,

Traveling for medical treatment dates back to the ancient Greeks, who believed that Asklepios, the god of healing, smiled upon people who went to Epidauria, the Lourdes of the Saronic Gulf. Health-car...

Medical tourism keeps growing High costs in US, lack of insurance drive many abroad - by: Ginger Rough,The Arizona Republic

PHOENIX — Bob Light's prosthetic hip was eight years overdue for a replacement last summer. He couldn't work, was in constant pain and needed a cane to walk. So the 55-year-old Cottonwood resi...
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