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Outsourcing legacy upgrades -- knees, hips, looks -- to India | IT offshoring may boost outsourcing of another kind: medical tourism - by: Patrick Thibodeau,ComputerWorld

Rising medical cost has been helping to foster medical tourism for the same reason companies send code overseas: lower cost. Take the case of Terry, a public school teacher in Texas, who asked that he...

Insurers explore savings in overseas care | Major health firms offer doctor networks at lower rates in foreign countries - by: ,Associated Press

Elizabeth Kunz left her dentist's office this spring with a mouth full of problems and no way to pay for them. The South Carolina resident went out of her way, literally, to find a solution, which tur...

Get Well Soon – Love, C.R. - by: Devon Magee,

Medical treatment is not only less expen sive here than in the U.S., but it is often less expensive than the deductible insured patients would pay for the same treatment at home. ...

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