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Plastic Surgery Abroad Is an Operation, Not a Vacation - by: Matthew Shulman,US News and World Report

Broad incentives but big pitfalls in traveling for cosmetic careAmericans unhappy with what they see in the mirror are looking past borders—and oceans—to save money on face-lifts, breast augmentat...

Brazil Wants to Make Medical Tourism a One-Million Dollar Industry - by: Marina Sarruf,Brazzil Magazine

The Brazil Health Consortium, established by nine organizations,  and the Apex have already invested US$ 240,000 of a total of US$ 620,000 in promotional activities abroad. They want to attract more ...

Cosmetic Travel: Plastic Surgery in Brazil - by: Bill Hinchberger ,BrazilMax

Ginger Kramp of Andalusia, Alabama, traveled thousands of miles by herself to a strange country where she didn’t speak a word of the language and didn’t particularly trust the food. Then s...

Changing the face of cosmetic surgery, Brazil leads the plástica revolution - by: Tom Phillips,The Guardian

For decades Brazil has been considered a thriving centre for cosmetic surgery, and it is now at the heart of a growing wave of surgery tourism, with foreigners jetting in for a few days on the cutting...

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